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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Blogger's Mind

Help! I think this blogging virus thingy has spread to my brain. I keep getting these thoughts intermittently throughout the day....

  • "Hmm...What shall I blog today?"
  • "Wow. This picture will look great on my blog." (Flash! Snap! Snap! - I love digital cameras. Can you tell?)
  • "Ah. I've just come up with a great blogging idea. Wish I had a laptop.....(Santa! Yoohoo, are you there? I've been so nice all year round, really, not naughty at all!)
  • "I wonder what title to give this blog?"
  • "Help! I'm having a writer's block. I haven't updated my blog for some time now..."
  • "I wonder if anyone's left a comment on my blog."
  • "Time to check my tracker to see who last visited."
  • "Freebies...freebies....got any more blog add-ons and freebies to sign up for?"
  • "Must check out more directories to list on when I am free......"
  • "Hmm...think I will record all these thoughts and memories I have on my blog. Don't care if it bores everyone to tears. I blog for me!" :-)
  • "Oh, so many blogs to read and so little time......"
  • "I wonder if there's any new banners I can add to my banner collection."
  • "I left a comment on so & so's blog, I wonder if so & so has replied?"
  • "I think I forgot to ping the Project Petaling Street for my latest blog"
  • the list goes on..........

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