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Friday, December 03, 2004

I feed you, you feed me..

Today I started baby on homemade "Stage 2" solid food. (Bye bye blender. Yeah!) He seems to like it. (Another yeah!)

Hubby seldom helps to feed the kiddoes. His excuse? "You are much better at it than me. " or "You do it so well." (Yah right. But then after receiving a compliment like that yours truly goes and feed baby etc happily.) I must try this trick too. "Darling, can you help to change baby's diaper? You are sooooo good at it." Yah. Its certainly worth a try.

Hubby's contribution during feeding times is to feed me as I'm feeding baby. Sometimes when he notices that its rather late and I haven't had dinner and still have to breastfeed baby first, I will find slices of pizza or oodles of noodles being shoved into my mouth by hubby while I'm feeding baby.

Toddler must have picked up on this scene because as I'm feeding baby his solids today she tried to feed me her drink from her barney straw cup. Now trying to feed baby while your face is being blocked by this big pink bottle with a purple dinasour is not easy but much, much better than feeding a picky toddler while balancing a crying baby on your lap only to have toddler spit up every bit of your "time is so precious prepared food." :-))


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