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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Gender differences

The other day, I blogged that I did not have a confinement lady for my babies. Hubby is my confinement man. He did most of the early diaper changes for the babies as I was not supposed to touch water during the confinement period after childbirth. Being first time parents, we were totally ignorant. We read up all we could before the babies arrived. Hubby would print out the relevant articles. He even had diagrams and pictures on how to put on a diaper.

Its really sweet to think back of the first few diaper changes for babies. This is how it went. (Conversation written in Malaysian slang. Sometimes dialects and Malay words are used as well. Its not that we have poor/bad english. Its just the charming way we speak :-) )

First time changing daughter's diapers.

Mr MG: "Hon, can you take a picture for me?"
MG: "Hah? Change diaper also want to take photo ah?"
Mr MG: "Of course lah. Must remember."
MG: "Ok. I take from this angle so cannot see baby's bottom."
(Flash, snap, flash, snap)
MG: "Ok. How was it?"
Mr MG: "Not bad. Quite easy." (said Mr MG feeling very proud of his achievement)

First few times changing son's diapers.
(MG preoccupied in another part of the house. No photos this time. Poor baby. The first child usually has all the photos etc by excited first time parents.)

Mr MG: "Shit"
MG: "Huh? What happened? What happened?" (came running to check)
Mr MG: "He shot urine on my hand!"
MG: "Aiyah. Why you never cover with tissue paper?"
Mr MG: "Oh no, oh no, now he shot on his own hand and his face and hair also kena already."
MG: "Aiyah. Why you never cover with tissue paper?"
Mr MG: "Its your fault lah. Stand there and talk to me. I thought he finished already."
MG: "Hmm. Now must bathe him and wash his hair some more."

Hehehe. Gender differences is apparent from the time they are babies.


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