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Monday, December 13, 2004

Outing with Baby

Once baby comes along, going out will never be the same again. No more getting ready slowly and strolling out of the house leisurely. Nope. Every outing, even if its to run a simple errand requires careful planning, coordination and speed! (ie before the babies become hungry, sleepy, fretty and wet their diapers etc).

I had to do some banking on Saturday. So, on Friday night husband and I started planning for our 'bank excursion.'

"What time do we need to reach the bank?"
"What time should we wake the kids?"
"How long do we think it will take?"

Once we get there, it will be difficult for husband to handle a baby and a toddler in the car while searching for a car park. So "who will take the baby and who will take the toddler?"

It was eventually decided that I would wear baby in a sling while doing my banking and husband will keep toddler with him in the car. Maybe some kind samaritan will give me his place in the queue if he sees baby (hehe) or maybe some ugly soul will try to snatch my handbag when he sees me with baby (hmm).

So Saturday came and we did our morning rush. Wake the kids, feed and change them.

Baby protests loudly while being changed. "Don't worry baby, mummy is changing your diaper so you will be dry and nice."
Child psychologists says: Talk to baby when changing for better bonding and to promote language growth.
Mumsgather says: Yah, sure. So that they will grow up and be a playful toddler who runs away from you while being changed (but talks to baby anyway).

Toddler runs around gleefully, hopping and smiling happily. "Come here and bring your jeans right now. You want to go "kai kai" or not? Come here or else we won't go to the mall."
Child psychologists says: Never bribe your kids. They will learn the wrong things.
Mumsgather says: Heck. I don't care. We're running late and its the only way to get toddler dressed quickly.

So off we go to the bank, everyone happy in the car. Baby scans the scenery of passing cars and buildings while toddler sings her own version of nursery rhymes loudly. When we reached the bank, there was no one there. It was shut!

Husband: "Why is the bank shut?"
Mumsgather: "You ask me. I ask who?"
Mumsgather: "I'm sure it should be open today. I did my calculations. Its not the first Saturday of the month." (But the bank remain closed).

Oh no. Now I would have to go through this again on another Saturday with the kids. So lets see. Next Saturday is the third Saturday and the following Saturday its Christmas. So how to do my banking this month? I can only go on Saturdays and my time frame to get my banking done is December. Ah...who would know that such a simple thing like this ie banking would require so much planning and thought.

We eventually found out that the bank in Petaling Jaya was closed because it was a public holiday for Selangor. Its my own fault. I should have called up the bank first but then I was trying to save time because this particular bank (mumsgather does not do name dropping unless its in praise) is perpetually understaffed and thats why it has a phone that is perpetually engaged or rings perpetually with no one answering.

Mumsgather mood on Saturday


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