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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The First Time.....

Blogging about Outing with Baby yesterday brings back fond memories about going out with baby in tow for the very first time. I think most parents will treasure this special memory. I remember how my friend laughingly related the story about how he and his wife went out with baby the first time without bringing anything for baby. They just coolly strolled out of the house with baby and forgot baby's all important luggage. I didn't understand it then because I didn't have any kids then but now I do.

Luckily my baby's 'luggage' is always light because of the beauty of breastfeeding. Baby's food is always available and always at the right temperature. No need to lug along bottles etc. Just one or two extra diapers, some tissue and small plastic bags to dispose of the diapers in a civic manner. Have seen mothers throwing diapers into open sinks meant for washing hands. Aarrghh..!!!

Anyway, the first time we went out with baby (apart from doc visits) was to buy a stroller/pram for baby. It was very exciting, letting baby try out the different strollers to see which one she liked best. In the end, we settled for a brightly coloured yellow pram which we redeemed from our shopping points. We used it straightaway and when it was time to leave, we realised that we did not know how to fold up the pram!

So there we were, struggling with it for 10 minutes or more in the car park.

Husband: "Do you know how to close this thing?"

Mumsgather: "Wait, let me read the instructions. Pull that lever over there." (struggling to read while holding baby)

Husband: "Which lever? Which lever?" (breaking out into cold sweat especially since there was a waiting vehicle)

Mumsgather: "There, there, that one" (points to the diagram)

And so we struggled along for quite a while. We eventually folded the pram and got out of the car park but the car waiting for the space must have been cursing "Stupid couple!" (Hmm...wait until you become a parent!)

Bringing baby out in the stroller is a whole new experience. Until today, I dare not use the escalators with the pram. That is husband's "job" in my household.



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