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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Deprived childhood ;-)

Ever noticed how parents always try to give their children things they never had or wish they had?

We will wish upon our children all the things we wish we had when we were growing up. Music lessons, ballet, taekwando, swimming, etc. The poor children these days gets all these stuffed up their faces whether they like it or not. (I think if I were to have the kind of schedule that the kids have today, I would be one stressed up individual.) Of course some do it not because they were deprived but to keep up with the Joneses. I think thats totally wrong and senseless. But thats another story...

However, we have fallen into this parenting trap of trying to give them things we didn't have. I'm talking about toys here because my children are still young. Hubby likes to buy toys for the young ones because he had very few toys when he was young. So now he buys, and he buys those that he wished he had. I think he likes his remote control car better than the kiddos. My girl has many 'boy' toys because guess who's been buying toys again?

We are guilty of spoiling them with too many toys but hey, children learn through play and exploration so let them play. (but I will remember to teach them to treasure their toys though and not to take excesses for granted - spoken like only the guilty would. hehe)

My father was the same. I remember having a roulette set and father enjoyed playing with it much more than me. Bro-in-law likes tractors and construction toys. He has a sandpit in his garden and he enjoys 'driving' his little dump trucks, cranes etc more than his kiddos. He says its stress relieving when sis teases him about it.

And me? Well, I like dolls and playing dress up with barbie and doll houses. Oh I can't wait till daughter is old enough so I can play with them on the pretense of getting them for her. Hehehe.


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