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Friday, December 10, 2004


I blogged about baby having fever the other day. It turned out that he had roseola. I have read in many articles that the fever in roseola typically lasts around 3 days and followed by a rash which lasts for about 1 day. Toddler had it before she turned 2 and her symtoms were exactly as described.

However baby's fever lasted 1 day and the rash 3-5 days. This got us worried because it wasn't as described 'by the books'. Often as parents we worry about anything and everything. Is baby eating well, gaining well, etc etc. The list is very long. When they have a fall or when the are ill we worry even more. Worry, worry, worry.....

Good thing he is better now. Baby has also just discovered that he can make some other noise other than cry. So he is busy practising his babble all day long. He would go "Va, va, va, va...". Toddler tries to imitate him so she goes "Va,va,va,va....." and they have a brother sister conversation that way. Toddler also likes to play "peek a boo" with baby. She would turn her head away from him then suddenly turn around to look at him and say "baby" and baby would squeal with laughter and excitement like its the funniest joke he has ever seen. It is so nice to see them play together.


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