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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My Christmas Links

"We seem to be celebrating all year round. First there was Deepavali, then Hari Raya, now Christmas and soon Chinese New Year. As with any other celebrations, there's a feeling of festivities in the air in Malaysia during Christmas as the shopping malls and hotels lights up with colour and display. Toddler was very excited to see Santa at the mall last weekend.

Yikes. Wanna sing those Christmas carols to my babies but I just cannot remember all the lyrics. Its about time to send out some e-cards too. (Cheapo) but hey, who sends out real cards anymore. Besides I'm being environmental conscious and I can send fancy ones like these. Plus I can send cards from the comfort of my home while listening to some nice holiday music in the background. Time to go and send those cards now."

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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