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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why I blog

When I first came across blogs while surfing some time ago, I shook my head and thought to myself "these people too free, got nothing else better to do." (Now hubby says that of me). I have been trying to get hubby to join me in blogging but......(hopefully one day he will because I believe it is something he would enjoy too.) Thanks to 5XMom and Twinsmom and their lovely blogs, I have discovered the fun of blogging.

Here is 10 top reasons why I blog:
  1. I want to create my own mini, personalised, parenting website/resource.
  2. Its nice to keep a journal of my childrens' development.
  3. I enjoy writing. Its therapeutic.
  4. Writing helps me organise my thoughts.
  5. I now have an outlet for my 'creative juices'. I love to fiddle around with my templates.
  6. I enjoy the camaraderie between fellow bloggers.
  7. I learn a lot about people by reading other blogs.
  8. Blogging has opened up a whole new way of communicating.
  9. Blogging adds humour to my day.
  10. I get a 'kick' when others visit my blog. Its nice when they leave a comment to share their own experience with me. (Cheap thrill. Haha.)



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