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Thursday, December 30, 2004

My palm tree

I have a little palm tree,
As real as can be,
It sits on my balcony,
Facing me and my family

I have a little palm tree,
As versatile as can be,
On Christmas its leaves light up,
With pretty little bulbs

I have a little palm tree,
As faithful as can be,
Every Chinese New Year,
Hanging Angpows bring me cheer

I have a little palm tree,
As old as can be,
Can I still hang up lanterns?
This coming mooncake festival

Uhmm.... In case you're wondering whats that all about. Its just me paying a little tribute to my old, faithful, fake palm tree. Its been with us for a while now, as long as the house. But its leaves are fading now and some have dropped off and err... covered with dust (ahem. shy to admit). Might be time to replace it soon. A bit sad. Everything in our house has a sentimental value and a story.

Though I love greens and probably would enjoy doing some gardening, I don't have the time for it. Besides toddler may eat the leaves! The fake tree looks like the real thing, requires minimum care and still look remarkably good even when you forget to water it (or in this case, wipe it). Highly recommended for parents with very young children living at home.


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