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Friday, December 17, 2004

My 31 month old toddler :-)

Toddler is beggining to understand the concept of time. Every sentence she speaks is peppered with something related to time. She is busy practising her new knowledge. Little showoff. :-)

"Mummy, mummy, just now daddy watch T (TV), tonight we play colour pencils, next time we see kong kong (grandpa) again huh? Tomorrow we go mall. Afterwards daddy come home."

She is also busy practising her understanding of positions and shapes.

"I am beside baby." Then she runs behind me and says; "I am behind mummy" and quickly runs in front of me again and says "I am in front of mummy".

"Mummy, mummy, triangle (points to a piece of cake), circle-round and round (points to the plate), skare (square) (points to a box)."

The world is such an exciting place for toddler. There is so much to learn, see and experience. Its just like the time when she first learned to recognise colours. Suddenly the world around us became so colourful as she described everything in technicolour.

"Mummy, mummy, blue sky, white clouds, green trees, red bark bark (referring to her toy dog), pink swimming put (referring to her swimsuit), purple (points to her barney)."

She also makes the cutest of remarks.

"Mummy, see? Got red colour pencil." pointing to the little scratch marks she had made on her legs where the mosquito had bitten her. She had scratched it until it bled. Ouch!

A few days later....
"Mummy, see? Got koko crunch, the leg there." pointing to the dried crusts where she had scratched her legs until it bled. Aaawww....

The world is not only exciting for toddler, it is exciting for mummy and daddy to watch her grow. One of the best parts of being parents is watching your child go through their development milestones one by one. Oh, the things money cannot buy...



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