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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

New Year through the ages

This is what 31st going on to 1st means to me or rather how I celebrate the New Year.

As a child
No big deal. Its just another day.

As a student
No big deal. Its just another day. Might have gotten caught up in making some New Year resolutions to study harder. Honestly I cannot remember.

As a single working girl
Paid exhorbitant cover charges to go out with 'just the girls' for dinner and party till they throw streamers and do the countdown so we can shout Happy New Year and hug each other.

As a girlfriend and part of a couple
Much the same as above accept replace 'just the girls' with 'boyfriend' and minus dinner until patrons of the nightspots got younger and younger (or was it we got older and older?) so we celebrated by walking the jam packed streets of KL to watch fireworks instead or by drinking champagne with friends at our own home and make a toast for a good year. (much cheaper too!)

As a mother to young children
Drink hot Milo while watching fireworks on TV (after the kids go to bed) and whisper Happy New Year when the clock strikes 12. Then put on party hats and other party paraphernalia on ourselves and the kiddos, act silly and take photos on New Year's morning.

I wonder what New Year will be like when the kids get older but we will try to make it memorable for them of course. Just like how hubby made each and every New Year now memorable for me as he proposed to me on a fine New Year's eve some years ago.



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