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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Festival Friends

Ah..the holiday season is here. Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year. This means that very soon I shall be meeting up with my "festival friends". These are friends who do not keep in touch for the whole year. We meet up only once a year and have small "chatter" like:

"Wah. You have put on so much weight."
"Wah. Your boi boi so big already. I didn't know you had one." (Of course. You didn't bother to keep in touch)
"But...but...I did keep in touch. Didn't you receive all my forwarded mails?"
"Where are you working now?" (then they proceed to pop out their latest name cards with the fanciest of titles and pass those around gleefully declaring "You're STILL working at the SAME place???" or "You've stopped working??? What do you do at home ALL day???"

Its sad but friends come and friends go and few stay with you for life. People grow apart so easily. Its hard to find and keep good friends. With the kind of technology we have today its easy to keep in touch. Type, type, type and click and you're in touch but then people prefer to just "click" ie "one click does it all". Just click a forwarded mail to a "group" of "friends" and consider that as keeping in touch. Tsk. Tsk.

My best friends in the world are my husband and my sisters. I'm going to try my best to make sure that my kids become the best of friends. I feel very sad when I see siblings that don't get along because your family will remain with you for life while friends come and friends go.


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