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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Almost Cheated

On Sunday, we had dinner at a foodcourt. I ordered my food at a stall and when it was time to pay, I gave the lady a RM50 note for the RM5.00 meal since I didn't have any small change with me. I was looking around thinking about what other food to order for the kids and hubby with a thousand other things running through my mind and must have looked that way ie dreamy and far away and thus received only RM5.00 in change.

She must have been disappointed that I had the presence of mind to tell her that I gave her a RM50 note and immediately gave me the balance RM40. From the look on her face, I knew that she was trying to cheat me of my RM40. Its a very common trick, this one ie giving a lesser change. Sigh! We have to be alert all the time.... even just for buying dinner... sometimes, its a little bit tiring.

Seems like there are so many unscrupulous people around trying to cheat us if they can. When handling money, need to be alert. When handling credit cards, need to be equally alert for any fraudulent practises. And need to be alert at the ATM etc etc. Its sooooo tiring.


  1. Wah, nasib baik you were alert. RM40 can buy you lots of stuff. Well, maybe not a full tank of gas, but still..it's money.

    I've been in similiar situations also, but I think in my cases maybe the person made an honest mistake. But then, you never know. Like you said, must always be aware.

  2. Well, there is people like that around us, we hv to be extra alert! one of the way for them to EARN extra money too!

  3. well we cant take ppl for granted that they are all honest and mighty..what to do....

  4. That is so bad. Hmm, I should be more careful when I am in KL or nowadays. Usually I never check, took them for granted.

  5. wah! really must expose this kinda people... they really too much liao!

  6. *sigh...shake head*, and don't forget we have to be alert to our kids leh? keep an eye on them when going out, don't talk about snatch or kidnap, watch out for bully in playground already very tire.

  7. along,
    Perhaps I should give her the benefit of doubt but she gave me my change rather too quickly when I asked for it making me suspicious.

    It happens almost everywhere. At sundry shops, mamak stalls, you name it!

    Better to err on the cautious side and remain alert yes?

    Yah. Usually we don't check and take things for granted, thats the trouble.

    Sadly, its getting more rampant.

    Usually I'm not but I've had good training from hubby who is often reminding this "tai tou har" (big head prawn)!

    Ya hor. Have to be alert when getting in and out of car, at the shopping mall etc etc. It never ends. We can't afford to daydream cos accidents can happen easily that way too.

  8. very close cut huh...almost kena cheated liao!!!

  9. Wah so close, luckily you wake up from day dream. Mother thinks alot of the stuff of the day, so they take this oppotunity to cheat us.

  10. jazzmint,
    Ya loh...

    We need to also beware of snatch thieves when getting in and out of car etc with little ones in tow.

  11. It is just so sad that they are so many cheaters out there. It is so unsafe. I was just thinking whether to enroll myself in an AMOK self-defence class. Hah! :)

  12. allyfeel,
    Faster go take the class then blog and share with us! Hehe. Like dat we can also learn without paying! Cheapo huh?


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