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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Heaty or Cooling?

I remember once when I had a cough, a doctor I went to see spoke to me in terms of cooling and heaty and told me to avoid "leong cha" (cooling tea) and fruits. Another doctor told me there is no such thing as heaty or cooling and that I should continue to take my fruits as usual. And then the old ppl told me to avoid fruits when I am sick. Errrr... so which is it?

I have very poor knowledge when it comes to such things. I believe the best kinds of knowledge or recipes are the hand-me-down kind ie passed from generation to generation from mothers to daughters or whatever. My own mother died when I was 10 so there goes my hand-me-down knowledge and recipes. Although I vaguely remember her telling us that there are two types of colds ie the cooling type of the heaty type and if one had the cooling type than one should avoid cooling foods and vice versa.

Oh dearie me. How utterly confusing! So should I be taking fruits or not and if so what kind? Or are fruits too acidic for the stomach when taking meds? Haiyah! Should I be boiling some herbal teas for my family and if so what kind or would I be making things worse if I did? So confusing!

Since most of the time, I have to learn most things on my own, with no elderly folks to "teach" me, (the internet is my teacher but thats confusing too because theres too much information out there!). I digress, as I was saying since I have no knowledge I subscribe by the rule of "Avoid if not sure" and "Take everything in moderation." I guess thats the most sensible and prudent thing to do after all. Anyone care to enlighten this blur momma? Maybe I shouldn' t ask or I might end up even more confused? What do you think?


  1. I guess by drinking more plain water can never go wrong :)

  2. "Avoid if not sure" and "Take everything in moderation." -- yah, this is the best rules :D.

    emm... what I learn from my mom is --
    Cough at night is cold cough (hon-kard), cough during daytime is heaty (yit-kard).
    but no matter cool or heaty pear always good for cough, eat more (but not chilling one). And avoid all the cold drink (ice) then the cough will heal faster.

    told you my SIL down with cough right? a week ago she start coughing, she being her own doctor said it was heaty cough, so she still consumes cold drink like usual, and now the cough turned to become infection, already two weeks, in the middle of the night we can hear she cough badly.

    So, never be our own doctor, go see real doctor LOL...

  3. There are still lots of licensed doctor outthere don't really trust other recipies and pantang other than their own living. What they're not aware of is, our healthy / body is what we've eaten and where we've grown up. It's how we live our lifes.

    Being chinese, we're used to such kind stuff thus, we're very sensitive towards cold/heat stuffs. If you go to a doctor who don't practice such stuffs, definitely he'll based his own standard and norms.

  4. My hubby's solution to treat all sickness is drink 2-3 litre in a day! He force me & the girls drink water too when we down with sickness! It works..but me lazy to drink so much la!

    SIL's girl coughing, her dr advise her to take ice-cream ler, said can cure the cough, believe?

    So who to believe now? me no idea too!

  5. I've been told to avoid chicken when coughing too. Esp if its dry cough. I don't knw if there is scientific basis behind all the pantangs, but we'll try evrything to just get well.
    Moderation is the best I guess. N keep hydrated. Get well soon.

  6. I grew up with chinese sin-seh, n watched my nephews n nieces go through the same thing. N it works. They got better. Makes you wonder...n then question Benadryl. Hehe.

  7. I grew up with Chinese sin-seh too. My parent fed me lots of Chinese medicine when I was kid. Lickily still alive now! *wipe sweat on forehead*

    Anyway, now I seldom take western medicine and seldom fall sick! I think the last time I was sick was infected by my girl and diarrhea for one day. That's all! I took only 1 day MC for the whole of last year. *touch wood*

    Drinks more fluids as suggested by Jesslyn.

  8. egghead,
    Yah. That one kenot go wrong but believe it or not, I've read a book that suggests that too much water is bad for you. Hahaha. So for every believe there's always a contra-belief. Even water!

    Thanks for the info. The "never be your own doctor" is a good one too. :)

    Yunno, the doc who told me about heaty and cooling was a non-chinese. ;)

    Ice-cream?! Wah! I sure would like to have some if it can cure us!

    Oh! And I thot chicken soup was suppposed to be good? Hehe. BTW, I thot you were here to tell me what I could get from the pharmacist. Hehehe.

    Maybe "thats why still alive" now instead of "luckily still alive now"? Hehehe.

  9. Hmm..whenever i'm sick, mum's first word would be: "Aiya, you never drink enough water lah!" but then again, like what you've said water can be bad too? So i guess you're right - moderation is the key word..:)

  10. Aiyoo...my philosophy is eat in moderation and listen to your instinct, no one knows your body better than urself. :)

  11. i agree with allyfeel. eat everything in moderation. the westerners, however do not believe in colling/heaty stuff though. when i was sharing this with my english friend, she was puzzled indeed.

  12. Green mucous = cold
    yellow mucous = heat

    so if green mucous, stay away from cold stuffs yadda yadda yadda

    But the real docs will tell you that those are different type of viruses so diff. colour. Hahaha, just eat normally la I guess. Take care!

  13. drink green tea, this always help if u have bad cough, regardless its cold cough or heat cough. (this method been tested by hubby, hope it can help). :p

  14. blurblur,
    My dad's first words would be "Aiyah, you sleep in aircon room lah, thats why." Hehe.

    "Listen to your own body" ...Now thats very good advice indeed. :)

    Lol. You probably had a hard time explaining.

    What about yellow/green or green/yellow mucus? Hahaha.

    eh, you didn't test meh?

  15. Hello, dearie. How are you today? Hope you and family are getting better. My paed cousin also doesn't believe in refraining form foods. Moderation is the key, he believes. And lots and lots of fluids (can be water, juices, soups, etc)! Looking forward to your full recovery soon! *big hugs to MG and children*

  16. ya...drink lotsa lotsa water...very neutral...not heaty not cooling :)
    hope u will get better fast fast.

  17. Yes.. your rule is good. This cooling and heaty stuff is so confusing.. and then there's always something people say about any kind of food.. so you just don't know what to follow and what not.. So moderation is good. :P

  18. When me or my brother coughed alot, my mom would not let us have cold drinks or oranges, regardless of whether is "cold cough" or "heaty cough".

    I think the trick is to avoid anything that dries out your throat, ie. fried foods, oily foods, coffee, chewing gum, sweets, etc. Fruits are supposed to be good for the extra natural vitamins, except for oranges/lemons because of their high acidity. Juicy fruits like pears and watermelons are supposed to be good with cough.

    At least that's the general consensus I get from doctors.

  19. Get well soon, MG.
    I'm pretty much like you too! I don't know much about cooling/heaty stuffs. I guess I trust western doctors more than chinese herbs :P

    And guess what. My china classmate just told me rock sugar (beng tong) is heaty! What a surprised. And to add salt to the wound, she said- You're terrible in such knowledge! :/

  20. kat,
    We are recovering, thanks.

    I oso want to get better fast fast. Hehehe.

    zara's mama,
    Like Allyfeel said, "Listen to your own body" instead of "Listen to what others say" or even "Listen to what the books say" but of course must "Listen to the doc" also.

    Yeah, anything that irritates your throat passages ought to be bad and doc always advice to avoid cold drinks.

    You're not the only one "terrible in such knowledge" ;)

  21. i'm just as blur as u :P...I used to get cough non stop when I was young, so was practically banned from any fruits at all.

    All I know is grapes is a real culprit to cough :)

  22. I like your rule, moderation and not sure don't. I also blur abt all these heaty and cooling thingy. Never bother to learn also. Lazy me!

  23. I think take multi-vitamins supplements and drink lots of water is good enough.

  24. Sorry to hear that ur entire family got sick. I am the dr jekkyl n ms. hyde too.. one minute, loving warm mum, the next, "COME OR I"LL SLAP YOU!" mum.

    Hope all r much better.. esp. u!

  25. We were sick this week too, but we just eat whatever we feel like, including fruits too. Hope you and family are well^^

  26. jazzmint,
    grapes... really? didn't know that.

    contented mum,
    Sometimes its useful to know.

    Sounds like a good idea.

    "COME, OR I'LL SLAP YOU!" ......LOL. That sounds really familiar. I think I've used that line before. :P

    princess yoyo,
    And hope that you are better now too. :)


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