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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Smile A Day Keeps The Blues Away

My kids make me smile many times a day.

Yesterday, there was thunderstorm in the evening again. The wind bellowed, the thunder roared and there was lightning lighting up the skies. Whenever that happens, the power switches in my home often trip causing everything to go dark and frighten the kids. To ease their fears, I would take them to the window to watch the rain together. We marvelled at how strong the wind blew. I informed my girl that lighting comes first before thunder and that she could see lightning and hear thunder. So when we saw the lightning, I taught them to cover their ears in anticipation of the loud thunder that follows. Baby loves it thinking its a funny game and it allays their fears. They love to watch the rain. This is something I learned from Mr MG. He loves rain.

After a while my girl said "Aiyah.... who make wan?... How come the lectrikcity (electricity) always spoil wan?" (we get quite frequent power failure around here). Then she looked at the aircon unit, turned to me and said "Mummy, maybe the aircon is tired. The aircon blow, blow, blow." and she puckered up her lips into a small "O" and blew hard a few times to demonstrate to me how hard the aircon was working! Hahaha. Funny Girl.

And that reminds me of another funny conversation we had at bedtime.

My Girl: Mummy can you tell me the story about Dora and the Living Room?
MG: Oh, you mean the game we were playing this morning. Sorry sweetie, when we started on the game, Auntie and Kong Kong came, so I don't know what the game is all about. Can you tell mummy? (Hehe. Perfect opportunity for her to learn to describe the things she sees)
My Girl: Mummy, Dora go to the living room, then I press, press, press, but I don't know how to press the musical instuments (instruments)... I think its not easy. So I ask Dora to go back to the other room. Got magic. Got grapes and apples and Dora say must press the same thing.
MG: Oh you mean its a matching game...
My Girl: Then I press press the purple box and inside got a baby blanket. (Then she smiles sheepishly for a while, I think becos she couldn't describe further.) Mummy, tomorrow I show you lah!
MG: Ok, goodnight.

With so many smiles I get a day, how to get the blues?


  1. like they say... laughter is the best medicine... in your case... your daughter will be your best doctor :)

  2. you girl and my girls can play PC game together liao.

    my house the power trip also, every storm.

  3. After a hard day's work, Damien's cheery smile never fails to brighten up my day! :)

    That's why they say kids bring sunshine to our lives! :)

  4. Before my kids come to this world, my PIL seldom talk to each other but after kids arrival, their concentration all on them & bring so much laughter to them as well! Almost everyday can hear they laugh & talking on kids'thing! So much diff from last time!

  5. hey there! long time no visit ur blog. ur kids still cute as ever :)

  6. So cute! I am jeles leh, you have more smiles than me! :P

    Yesterday evening, when I was with my girl at the playground, I just couldn't stop myself from laughing and smiling! Kids are the joys of the world!

  7. egghead,
    Now, not only do I have a personal counsellor and psychologist at home but got doctor summore. Fuiyoh!

    They play pc game together while we blog. Hehehe. Hmm.. lets see. Like dat, we will need 6 PCs when we get together. Aiyoyo!

    Its lovely when they greet you with their warm, innocent smiles isn't it?

    Yes thats true. Kids bring lots of love and laughter into any home.

    Hi back! :) Yes, I haven't been blogging that much for a time but now I'm back! Hehe. BTW, I've lost some 13 pounds. Thanks for your inspirational losing weight post. :)

    Its funny to see how the kids interact and play/fight with each other. :P

  8. So cute..

    They can just keep on speaking, we can just sit there listening.. and never get bored.

    Good way for the kids to love nature..

  9. hahaha... air con is tired, that's so funny :)

    I hate black out, it's scary if unprepared.

  10. Yeah.. what she said about the aircon was cute..
    I remembered my nieces used to say when they went to Genting.. "The aircon here is so big!" Because it was cooling every where.

    What games was she playing? Sounds complicating to me.

  11. You are such an inspiration, MG! Every time I read your posts, I am reminded how similar my children are to yours, and how sometimes I forget to appreciate these little childhood moments. Too caught up with school and getting on day by day...*feels sad about the lost opportunities*

    Thanks for all the reminders of what motherhood is really about..*hugs*

  12. mumsgather, did u lose all that pounds? way to go! gonna blog about it? whats ur secret?

  13. LOL!!YOur gal so cute. I also like to chat with my son b4 we sleep every nite. Chat what happend in his nursery, chat what happend this afternoon and what he had done whole day.
    I always take this opportunity to let him know what he had done wrong and correct him back.

  14. geetha,
    Sometimes I curi-curi listen even when they're talking to themself or each other. Haha.

    Blackout is hot too!

    zara's mama,
    The game link is in the post.

    My blog is here to remind myself too. Hehe. Otherwise I would be one grouchy, grumpy, bad tempered, stressed out momma.

    I read somewhere... "To reduce weight, not merely maintain it, you must run up a calorie deficit: you must burn more calories than you take in." .... and thats exactly what I did. Hehe. I exercised more and ate less of everything instead of less of some food groups in particular.

    Bedtime is the best time of the day. My kids look forward to going to bed... for the story telling, chit chat, etc though not for sleeping. Haha.


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