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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh those inconsiderate people

At bedtime...

Boom boom boom boom

My Girl: Mummy, whats that sound?
MG: Oh its the sound of music coming from people's house. Maybe they're watching some show loudly.
My Girl: How come like that one?! Other children in other people's house want to sleep. Me and baby and daddy and mummy also want to sleep. 11.00 o'clock already! So late! So bad the people. Not like daddy, watch show softly. (Then she shakes her head and lets out a big sigh! Looking very annoyed.) Note: Her daddy watches the video most nights when she's about to go to sleep but he puts it real soft so as not to disturb her.

By this time I'm struggling hard not to laugh aloud and played along with her....

MG: Ya lar. Those people so bad. Never think about other people, only think about themselves.
My Girl: Haiyah!
My Girl: Mummy, why I haiyah?
MG: Hahahaha

It may be a funny conversation but she has a point there. People living in condos should be more considerate and not watch their home movie theatres so loudly with the music and sounds booming and pounding with sensesurround creeping into other people's homes at night! Haiyah!


  1. Hi,

    Your girl has good values ingrained in her young as she is. Sometimes, it is really discouraging to see how 'inconsiderate' people around us can be while we teach our children values.

  2. "Hiyah"..sounds so familiar, that's what Damien will say whenever he sees things lying around, then he'll go 'hiyah...so messy' before picking them up..;p

  3. wow...your girl is going to grow up a considerate person!

  4. Mini MG in the making. Haiyah! to the inconsiderate people

  5. this is a hands on lesson. we experience bad hats, bad deeds, then we can use this as examples to teach our kids

  6. another ugly malaysian side exposed :(

  7. magictree,
    Hi back! "Sometimes, it is really discouraging to see how 'inconsiderate' people around us can be while we teach our children values." Yeah. Then it makes it all the more harder to explain to them why.

    Wah good for you. You've got a little helper there.

    Well, I hope so. :)

    Haiyah! There are too many of them around.

    siao cha bor,
    I wish there were more hands-on good examples instead!

    Yah. Dunno why a lot of ppl nowadays like to get loud loud mini theatres at home when the walls are so thin and their homes are not sound proof!

  8. that is so cute. wait till she grows older...she will come back from school with more new words. as for my daughter who is 12, she does something wrong and each time its not her fault! haiyah!

  9. Haiyah! Not only sound from loud loud mini theatres, TV or hifi. Sometimes I get ppl 'tumbuk tumbuking' away with their mortar as early as 5-6 in the morning!!! Sometimes banging their doors behind them when they closed their doors!

    Really feel very annoyed if my gal is trying to nap and a sudden 'bang' from no where will deter her from her sleep.

    HAIYAH! How can these ppl be so inconsiderate?

  10. Haiyah, she sounds like an old lady liao. :)
    I dare not walk to my neighbours and ask them to turn down the volumn, very coward...

  11. haiyah, that's not so bad compare to the noise from the motobike eksos in de middle of de night... ayyoohhh..

  12. hai yah yah... your girl grows so much, like a auntie like tht liao, hahaha...

  13. ely,
    Hahahaha. Everything oso not her fault huh?

    You forgot to mention ppl dragging their furniture across the floor and somehow there's always the sound of drilling whenever the children are napping but that one can't be helped lah, ppl need to renovate their homes and condo got so many units so theres perpetual drilling.

    LOL! Yes, she is a little old lady. We can't even go to the neighbours to ask them to turn the volume down because its loud but it was not any immediate neighbour, it was coming from another floor or may be even another block!


    Ya lor. Little Ah Soh just like her mommy. This morning she was still grumbling. "So naughty the ppl so noisy, so naughty the mosquito bite me, so naughty the aircon always leaking."

  14. haha!! she's such a cute lil smart girl. :D

    yeahlor.. those noisy people.. haiyah!!

  15. When I am busy doing things, Wien will say: haiyah, haiyah, mummy, I help u lar!...she mis-use HAIYAH..hehehe..

    Your girl so small yet talk like an adult hor!

  16. Haiyah is also in bb's vocabulary. :)

    There are many inconsiderate people out there. *sigh* The other day, I saw a man chucking his packet drink under his car in front of a trafic light thinking that nobody sees him in action. "Haiyah- when are these people going to learn?"

  17. Hey.. MG,
    Yer gal so smart.. ! and yes.. she is right..! ppl everywhere can be inconsiderate..!

  18. Haiyah, you're lucky those neighbors were just watching tv and not karaoking!

  19. crazygrrl,
    Yah. Noisy! Noisy! Noisy!

    Misuse haiyah? Hahahaha. Thats funny.

    You haven't seen it all yet. I once saw an elderly neighbour urinate near the lift and his house was not that far from the lift. Ugh! But since he was elderly, we merely turned away in disgust and didn't say anything.

    mama bok,
    Its selfish, thoughtless behaviour.

    lol. Yah. Or our ears will hurt from the tone deaf singing!

  20. She can say such a long sentence in one breath!! Haiyah, she's very clever ler. :P

    How to stay straight face with comments like that?

  21. zara'a mama,
    yalor, in certain situations dunno whether to laugh or cry or scold.


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