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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sleep Like A Baby

"Don't walk, rock, carry or nurse baby to sleep. You'll spoil them and they won't know how to sleep on their own." - so says many baby "experts", the old folks and some not so old folks."

Well, I don't believe in that.... but since its been said over and over again by so many, sometimes I can't help but to doubt myself or worry just a little, sometimes.

My children are walked, rocked, carried and nursed to sleep. Why? Because its the most natural thing in the world to me to pick them up when they cry, to cuddle and comfort them and to aid them in falling asleep since they look like they're having a tough time falling asleep. If I let them cry, they will just cry until they fall asleep from exhaustion. Thats silly!

My Girl was walked, carried and swayed a lot by both me and hubby when she was a baby. And now, she falls alseep on her own, no problems whatsoever. I can leave her in the room and tell her I will be back afterwards and when I return sometimes she's asleep, sometimes she's reading or playing quietly. Great!

My Boy is nursed to sleep and with this one, I worry that he may not know how to fall asleep on his own. However the past three nights, he has been doing just that. Normally he would fall asleep in my arms but on Sunday night he became quite awake after a feed. He became so awake (or so I thought mistakenly) I took him out to watch tv with daddy and he seemed quite happy with that! On Monday, he was wide awake again instead of falling asleep after a feed. I let him play with his sister for a while then separated them and he looked so active sitting up and rolling about, smiling, till he fell asleep somewhere near the top of my head!

Then last night he did it again. After a feed, he became or rather looked wide awake. He stood up, smiled, was very playful, then he dragged his pillow near me and placed himself on the pillow so that he was looking down at me. Then he poked his fingers into my eyes and said "eyes" smiling all the time. When I smiled back at him, he laughed delighted. He poked my eyes and nostrils and played with my face till he fell asleep. Haha. I hope he keeps this up. It will help in his weaning.

MG just got inspiration to write poetry to add to her collection. Hehe. (My poems are often inspired by the people I love.) So here it is.

Oh Mommy, won't you carry me
I can't sleep mommy can't you see
I'm afraid you will just let me be
Instead of holding me on your knee

Once, in your womb I'm warmly snuggled
Now the world is big and cold I'm so puzzled
I long to be pressed closed to your heart
So I will know that we will never part

Mommy won't you hold me near
I promise I won't shed a tear
I love to feel your rocking motion
And I'm sorry I made that commotion

Soon I will grow big and strong
And you will know you did no wrong
When you held me rocked me and loved me
For this is the way its meant to be

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Note: While searching for my previous posts on this subject, I was amused to discover that
1) I have such strong views about this subject and
2) baby still hasn't learned to fall asleep on his own since then (Hahaha. Now surely advocates of the "let baby cry to sleep" or "my confinement lady taught my baby to sleep through the night in one month!" methods will surely laugh at me and say that I'm a loony woman and if I complain about sleepness nights, they'll say its all my fault..... but who cares!)


  1. Same here! I rock, walk, cuddle & sing to both my girls to sleep every bedtime...who cares?

    Now both can fall asleep by their own, and I miss those moments...

  2. Hubby and i used to rock & sing to damien during bedtime when he's a baby. He has no problem falling asleep on his own now that he's older. At times i tried to tease him by carrying him like a baby, and he would tell me: "cannot, damien big boy already..see, too big, i'm a big baby.."

    like jesslyn, i miss those baby days...

  3. sigh! with all mankind history... and we are still stuck the same old problem of getting our children to sleep... how ironic! and yet funny!

  4. awwww nice poetry. very sweet. sometimes u just wish that u could shoot them with tranquilizers when they dont wanna sleep eh? hehehe

    now...when the kids are still talking at bedtime, i say 'GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!' 10 seconds and they're dead asleep!

  5. very touching :).

    though the girls are too heavy for us to carry, walk and rock to sleep now, they still sleep on my or their daddy tummy. we got tired because of carried them to sleep before, but now we think back, we happy we did it, because we will never have this missing part in our heart.

    Some time we still miss tht moment.

  6. We cannot resist when we see kids having difficulty sleeping, don't we. We carry, walk, talk and sing them to sleep. And they still grow up to be independent when the time comes..

    Nice poem.. you write always?

  7. Same here too. I also spoilt Justin with those methods you mentioned. But I don't think he'll want me to repeat them once he's old enough to have a girlfriend! Ha ha!

  8. jesslyn,
    Who cares? Who cares?

    "cannot, damien big boy already..see, too big, i'm a big baby.."
    hehe. so cute.

    Its the cycle of life.

    LOL. Sometimes I do that too, in my head or maybe even aloud, even though they're still too young to understand. Hahaha.

    ya lor. Don't do, don't miss loh.

    They all outgrow it, in their own time. Yes, I like to write when the fancy strikes me.

    who knows leh? Maybe he'll ask his gf to rock and cuddle him to sleep. Heheh. ;)

  9. Hey...at what age they will fall asleep on their own? I'm hoping my boy will reach the stage where he sleeps on his own.

    He prefers me to carry, rock, carry and nurse to sleep....

  10. It is very challenging for me now, baby needs McB to sleep and both of us must be on bed, and me off course be I lie down on my side BUT Bea2 also needs nen-nen most of the time. So, she would climb on the other side to get to the other McB....but I know this too shall pass;)

  11. I just want to say 'What A Lovely Poem'.
    Maybe you should send it to the papers.

    I carried, rock and sing to my boys to sleep. I don't even remember when they finally sleep on their own. I can't stand babies crying...that's why I fail to breastfeed also lor. Thought they might starve to death before the milk comes!!!

  12. I try to go the expert way, but in the end, both of us also get frustrated.. So I just continue with my way.. nurse her let her fall asleep.. or just chat with her until she gets so bored and knock off.. :D

  13. hvn't been here in a while. how's life! *hugs*

  14. khongfamily,
    You're asking a "bad example" mum. I don't remember exactly when my girl did. My boy whose nearly two still wakes up in the middle of the night. I think it varies. I've had friends telling me 3 months, 6 months but for mine its well over a year or two! Sometimes when too tired, just feel like throwing baby on the bed and saying "Awww shut up!" Hehe. But just tell yourself that they grow up very fast and before you know it, you'll miss the this time just like some of the mums here.

    How do you do it??!! And still have the energy to do a food blog post summore! Haha. But like you said, this too shall pass.

    Glad to hear you like the poem. Made it up in 10-15 minutes cos' got sudden inspiration mah.

    zara's mama,
    " or just chat with her until she gets so bored and knock off.." LOL!!!

    Hiya! I'm doing well. How's married life? (*hugs back*)

  15. a&a'smom6:53 PM, March 30, 2006

    wow, u r good in poetrylah. Yes by doing all this u r not spoiling them.

  16. Wow, dat was a nice poem. So sweet.

    True, true, who cares? Dat's my baby. I'll treasure every moment of it while she still needs me to do.

    When my girl could not go to sleep, she would always say this: "Mommy 'phak phak' (pat pat), nyanyi". She wants me to pat and hum her usual song (has been humming this song with no lyrics since she was a baby and got so used to it dat it became her sleeping song).

    Sometimes she would want me to cradle her which I prefer cos she would doze off faster.

    Heehee, I have this (crazy) habit of snuggling close to her and smelling her (sometimes 'busuk') hair when she sleeps.

  17. well, I've not been having a good night sleep ever since I got pregnant with Brendan..... WHO CARES!!! :-)

  18. tracy,
    I've put the poem into a webpage with music for better effect. Haha. Like real like dat.
    Their busuk hair smells so good. Hehe.

    baby smooches,
    WHO CARES INDEED! Its our babies rite?

  19. lovely poem, I like it!

    I also do the aame to my Xuan. I also carried, rocked and sang him to sleep before. Xuan is almost 28mths now, and he already can sleep on his own.

  20. shiaulin,
    "Xuan is almost 28mths now, and he already can sleep on his own." .... and you have forgotten how hard it was at one time rite?

  21. Oh MG, I love ur poem. it's so meaningful. It's what I am facing now.

    Care to share with us how to write a good poem?

  22. Allyfeel,
    Thank you. I use this website called rhymezone
    to help give me ideas for the last word of every line then think up the rest.


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