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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our First Craft

I read that pre-schoolers love to do crafts and so with that in mind, and with the worry that my little girl is not getting enough stimulation and learning from just being at home with mummy, I went out and bought her a drawing pad, paints and a pallette. Its cheaper than getting a toy. Costing just less than RM5 it will give her hours of fun. I almost couldn't recognise the watercolours. They look so different. Back when I used it during school days, it was in little aluminium tiubs with coloured paper wrappers to indicate the colours. Now they're all in plastic tubes. Times have changed. I'm getting old!

My girl was sooooo excited. (Cos she has seen Barney painting and have been bugging me to let her paint too! Haiyh!) And so I did! At last! But first, I had to convince myself not to be lazy to set up and clean up after our activity. And bad mommy used it as a leverage to her full advantage! "If you are naughty, no painting afterwards!" :PpPpP

First I told her to draw a house (she has just recently learned to draw pictures that have more meaning than mere scribbles) so we could paint it afterwards. I didn't help her with it very much, merely made some suggestions like "Why don't you paint the ground another colour instead of blue? What colour would you like the ground to be?" She said "green, because the grass is green."

While we were painting, baby sat on his high chair and scribbled on his drawing paper with crayons and colour pencils so he was happy too. Bad mommy didn't let him join in the painting fun because too lazy to wash him up afterwards. (Not like this mommy who is rewarded with a happy face.) So he had his own fun scribbling to his heart's content as there was no one to snatch his crayons from him. He had it all to himself! Hehe.

And.....here is the end result! TAAADAA!

And this one's by baby sribbling with his crayons.


  1. looks more like Picasso type of abstract painting :)

  2. a&a'smom2:52 PM, March 22, 2006

    wah! future artists!

  3. Ooowow...that's very nice. How old is ur girl now MG? She can paint so well already. And baby's drawing also full of energy. :)

  4. Nice painting fr ur girl. Hehe..I let my boy tried painting along with his sis because he was protesting when I brought him away and offer him something else. That's y I actually got no choice but to give in. He just want the exact same thing as his sis.. sigh

  5. Hey I also bought paints for my children too. Share an idea with you, take a potatoe and cut it into 2. Craft a shape like star, square or triangle. Put paint and let her chop onto the art block.

  6. Another Baby Van Gogh in the making...

    Nice work! Let her practise more sure she will become a fine artist.

    p/s: I like Michelle's idea, this remind me of my primary art teacher who taught us this too.

  7. Very nice. Green for grass, blue for sky etc... My girl's paintings/colourings are very easy to recognize -- they are all rainbow colored so I get people with purple hair too. Now you can start another craft project: making a file to put all her fantastic drawings (you know the ones we use to make out of manila cardboard?)

  8. very good... :D, really. at least I can see a house with eye and mouth :D, a very lively house.

  9. You must try body painting one day! Hahahaha last time we did that with newspapers and whole tubs of Buncho paint. But sigh...now no longer live in houses so no such luxury. It started with normal colour and paint, followed by hands, then the feet and soon, they rolled in the colours on the porch. After that I doused them like fireman. Those were the days.

  10. Great use of color for both of them! A friend of mine let her son "paint" with baby food on his high chair tray. Colorful, squishy and edible. :)

  11. egghead,
    A Picasso in the making eh? ;)

    We always think its nice whatever the litle ones churn out, don't we? :)

    What do you mean "future", should be current. Hehe.

    She's about 3 years and 10 months and you're right about baby's drawing being full of energy. I saw him scribbling really hard! Hahaha.

    Oh Yes, baby wanted to paint too just like his sis. I had to set him on his high chair and gave him a whole jar of colour pencils and crayons to appease him!

    Just like what we did in school. Food art! Can use lotus too for the round shapes. Thanks for sharing. I must share a craft idea I read on the web too. Its called Fireworks Art. Just get dark coloured paper, put glue on it and let the child sprinkle glitters over the glue. It will look like fireworks and an easy to do craft for young ones.

    Are you going to try it out with Xuan Xuan?

    A file for the drawings is a good idea as I'm sure she'd love to look at her own work again and again! Hehe.

    She wanted to paint the doors and windows blue as its her favourite colour.

    Body Painting! My, my. You are adventurous and it sounds like fun but like you now, I live in an apartment so no water spraying.

    Hi, welcome to my blog.
    "Colourful, squishy and edible." ... Lol. The edible part sound good, less clean up to do since the "art" will be eaten up.

  12. Wow! very nice painting! Damien's crafts work looks more like the 2nd picture..;p

  13. wah masterpiece!! can do painting somemore...cool. More masterpiece to come huh :)

  14. blurblur,
    Maybe girls more artistic. hehe

    Hopefully, when I'm not too lazy to set up and clean up.


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