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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Circle Is Complete

Mr MG is sick too so now the circle is complete and here we go again on the not so merry go round. Cost of medication for the whole family?

  • Baby RM62
  • My Girl RM101
  • MG RM40
  • Mr MG RM40

Almost RM250 poorer just for a simple flu virus. Chey! If got no money how to be sick? For average ppl like us, thats a big hole in the pocket. Speaking of which.... dad's medication costs a whopping RM500 a month. Thats almost as much as his pension money! Even shared out among his children, its still a heavy financial burden.

Hmm.... grumble, grumble, grumble. As you can see, MG is not back to her usual cheerful self yet. Sometimes I feel even more sick after taking the antibiotics and would avoid it unless I'm feeling really sick which I am. Last night felt the chills again. At least the chills are gone now. Gone enough for me to cook and feed the kids and hopefully, they would eat today.....


  1. ya, no extra money, really cannot fall sick! *sigh*

  2. whoa...alot of money spent!!! yep, certainly hate to be sick. I guess that's why people nowadays opt for medic card to make sure some of the stuff is covered.

    considering myself pretty lucky, office pays from A-Z.

  3. Gee, the virus is spreading everywhere in your house. You really need to take the antibiotics if you wanna heal faster, try taking at night, even if baby kacau your sleep.

  4. Is everyone in the family taking multi-vitamins? Prevention is better than cure.

  5. Ya, medication cost is so high nowadays! Last time my girl has food poisoning, we brought her to see Dr almost everyday, worried sick coz her diarrhea so bad! Fortunately, the cost was cover by my employer.

    In order to avoid medication cost, we have to stay healthy by practising a healthy lifestyle and eating habit! Continue exercise yah! :)

    For your dad, is it possible to go to govertment hospital? It could save a lot!

  6. better take care of yourself in this kinda crazy weather :(

    wish your whole family speedy recover!

  7. Whhooopss! That is mega expensive. Hope you guys get better.

  8. Wow, that's a lot of money... Get well soon MG...

  9. emmm... can totally related to your post.

    SIL is down with bad cough and flu fro almost a week, dare not to le thte girls go down stair, can't afford the doctor fees, if they got it, I sure will be the next, so have to becareful :P.

    You get well soon, big hole or not at least we still have the wallet to burn the hole, there are family don't even have a wallet.

  10. Wow! That's a lot of money!! Get well soon, MG family! :)

  11. Hope the whole family get well soon. Is tough falling sick and still have to jaga and manage the household. Hang it there, is soon over!

  12. Thank you all for your kind words and messages.

  13. Ya, I avoid antibiotics too if possible. And I know what flu tablets the doctor would prescribe me with. I would just stock up and wallop, it will be gone the next day. :) Doc fee only $25 for once...kekekeke

  14. Hope you get well soon. Me too very scare sick if 1 of my kids sick sure will be marry go round and the last one sure will be me :(

  15. Woh... it's so expensive now for a Dr's visit huh? kids and adult alike.

    I totally avoid antibiotic.. prefer my body to fight the germs.. Have a very strong doze of antibiotic when I was hospitalised for UTI.. I got soo weak after that.. Since then.. I try to avoid antibiotic.

  16. allyfeel,
    Stock up and wallop?! Wah! You think taking vitamin or sweets ah. hehe.

    sometimes, not the last one but sure will kena.

    zara's mama,
    You are right in the feeling so weak after that. Takes me at least a day to "recover" from the antibiotics.


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