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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Little Guardian Angel

"Mummy, be careful the steps."

"Mummy, be careful ....... don't fall down."

"Mummy, be careful, got hole."

"Mummy, be careful, got water."

"Mummy, be careful, here dark, dark."

My little guardian angel's services extend to Mr MG as well.....

"Daddy, be careful your head."

"Daddy, be careful the fan."

My Girl is always watching out for us the way we try to watch out for her. They say little ones learn from observing and mimicking. Now, I wonder what other good behaviours I should practise to let her mimic. Hehe.

Recently, little guardian angel made us laugh with more funny things she says. Eg.

On the way to dinner.....
My Girl: I'm hungry.
Mr MG: Yah! Don't want to drink your milk before you go to sleep some more lah. Now you're hungry.
My Girl: I'm hungry... NOT THIRSTY!

While reading nursery rhymes...
My Girl: Mummy, why does the cow look so happy when the little boy blue is not looking after it?
MG: -------- (Hehehe. She looked genuinely puzzled because to her "looking after" means to take care of something well, since I'm always telling her to "look after" her toys well and her dadddy is always telling her to "look after" baby and mummy when he goes off to work. When her daddy tells her to "look after" mummy she would be very happy and follow me all around the house hugging me and saying "Mummy, I take care of you!" So to her the cow should be sad when its not being "looked after" in the nursery ryhme which goes "Where is the boy who looks after the sheep, he's under the haystack fast asleep.")


  1. so sweet :).

    must be you and Mr. MG alwasy say the same to her, she got "recorded" and now repeat to you :D.

  2. so nice to have a guardian angel, somemore at such a young age. Very good habit instill :)

  3. Ahhhh...so sweet, your girl! :)

  4. so warm and sweet...

    that's why I like ur blog very much, cos I always got big grins and heart warming after reading it.

  5. Very smart girl ler...I'm hungry... NOT THIRSTY! Hahaha!

  6. Children are truly blessings from God.

  7. Heheh, ur little girl is so good. And very observant. But then her parents show her good manners, everything should turn out dandy.

  8. Oh, she's really really sweet..

    I guess it must have been you who thought her to be careful this be careful that? So now she's trained to remind you of the same thing?

    It really warms your heart huh to see them so innocent and naive and caring.

  9. my daughter says the same thing as ur daughter a lot. i 'fight' with my girl a lot but somehow, they ten to get closer to me than my boy...whos oblivious to everything!

  10. maria,
    You are right. Just like a record.

    Yah, guardian angel and little scientist and psychologist etc etc. ;)


    Thank you :)

    Ya lor, I didn't know whether to laugh her or scold her for "talking back" to her daddy.

    Indeed they are. :)

    Yah, she is very observant. Much more than us adults.

    zara's mama,
    Its natural for us mamas to be worried for their safety and always warning them to be careful and she just picked that up I guess.

    The girls are natural nurturers. Lol. Your boy oblivious to everything as boys often are!


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