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Friday, March 24, 2006

Do Everything Together or Separate?

Having two kids with quite a close age gap is a juggling act. I struggle with the decision whether to feed them together or separately... and whether to put them to nap/bed at the same time or one after the other.

In the end, this is what I do....

With sleeping, I find it a lot easier to let them sleep at the same time. So usually, I breastfeed baby while chit chatting or reading stories to My Girl till they both fall asleep. Now, thats not too difficult to do although it was not easy to establish that routine and I had many a sleepless night/day when one of them would wake the other up just as the other was falling asleep and I would have to wait for both of them to get sleepy all over again. It can be quite frustrating! Now, we have established quite a nice routine so its worth the hard work of having a single bedtime for both. I'd say it was worth it to establish the routine. Now, for afternoon naps, sometimes after baby falls asleep, my girl would sit quietly on her side of the bed reading or playing softly by herself and I can even leave them on their own for a while. And they both love and look forward to their bedtime. They love to run to daddy to give him his goodnight kiss, then its off to bed to read and tell stories and rhymes or sing before lights off and they are good. They seldom complain when its time to switch off the lights. :)

As for feeding times, I haven't quite got the groove yet. I used to feed both of them and myself at the same time thinking that would save me time but sometimes the distraction is too much for them, I think. In the end, I find it went a lot faster for me to feed baby first, then followed by my girl. I feed them one at a time or both together depending on the situation and my mood. As for myself, well, I usually eat whenever I can find the time in between, like in between spoonsful of feeding them or while doing the dishes or cleaning up. I literally eat on the go or while standing and moving around. Sitting down to eat is a luxury for me. Hehe.

Where bathing is concerned, its usually one after the other although they sometimes like to bathe together so they can pour water on each other with their toy cups and laugh like its the funniest game ever. Oh well, sometimes they play together like the best of friends and sometimes they fight and cry like all siblings do.


  1. tough job huh juggling two kids of the same age... have to think further before having my second one :)

  2. Wah...not an easy task here..but you handle it quite well,except you had to sacrifice your meal times..poor thing..;)

    Hmm, makes me think twice on having a 2nd one leh...;p

  3. I try to do thing together too, to save my time! But for sleeping, will separate them, becos if both sleep together, sure they will play non-stop wan!

  4. Believe me, I understand :)

    It's tough!!!

  5. most of the time after feed my girls I forgot mine, or no time to feed myself, because there are always something else I need to follow ASAP after feeding them *sigh*...

  6. egghead,
    No need to think so hard. Just do it! Hahaha.

    Its a small sacrifice... especially when you're dieting. Hehe.

    If I allow them to play, they will play non-stop like you say, so usually have to intervene.

    Its tough huh?!

    Good what for your diet like dat! LOL!

  7. Thanks for the tips. It is really good as we are thinking of second one soon.

  8. what u're doing is good. feed kids first and then mommy eats later. cos at least when they're not hungry they 'might' leave u alone to eat (hope thats the case). just ensure that u get enough food to eat cos most mom's dont have time to eat!

    about the napping part, most times i would nap with them...mommy should recharge too hehehe.

  9. I'm getting panic reading this post, not sure if I can handle 2 kids well enough before I scream my lungs out. Thanks for the tips, but still there's a doubt in me whether I can handle them like you.

  10. about the feeding, you can always get the older one to feed by him/herself then you feed the younger ones. that's what i do...let belle feed by herself, me feeding baby at the same time. then ask belle to take care of baby. mommy and daddy eat in peace. :)

  11. I always salute to SAHM and esp. ppl like u, taking care of 2 kids. Though I have a maid, I still find myself struggling looking after my 3+ year old kid. It's such a tiring job.

  12. Hello! I wander here from Eileen's blog. I am in the same situation as you cept i am dealing with a new born and a 25 mo who is getting really hyper these days. I find it so difficult to cope especially the sleep routein :/

    Things we do for our kiddos ;)

  13. For my case my gals nap first and my son play beside just like you. Later my son sleep and they all wake up together. At nite, they all sleep at the same time.

    At noon, i feed myself first b4 my son back from school (breakfast and afternoon together). Later i feed 3 of them together.
    At nite, my gals eat themself and my son feed by 1+2dad or my MIL(sometime i will feed my son,he very lazy dunwan eat by himself). I eat with the gals if i finished first they still not yet i will feed them one after another.

  14. khongfamily,
    Hiya! You started your blog! You know when my kid was 4 months old, I didn't have time for anything let alone read or start a blog. Well done. Hehe. (I hope I've made the right presumption that you're the lady who emailed me.)

    Yes. Yes. I try to nap too. :)

    Don't panic. When the time comes, you'll be able to handle it. All mums can.

    Thats great. I must train my girl to eat by herself.

    Yeah. Its very tiring isn't it?

    Hi Phoebe. Welcome to my blog. I remember writing something about that in my website when my kids were your kids ages. You can check it out here if you like. :)

    I don't know how you do it. You're amazing.

  15. when you are home, how do you bath one then the other?

    Put baby in the play pen?

  16. zara's mama,
    When baby was very young and before he could roll around, I put him in the moses basket or on a mattress right outside the bathroom, later when he learned to sit up and could crawl away, I placed him strapped up in the stroller outside the bathroom door. Now that they are both older, its a lot easier. I just tell them your turn is over, hand a toy to them and ask them to play with it outside the bathroom door where I can keep and eye on them.


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