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Monday, March 06, 2006

Stalling Tactics

Children hate to go to sleep. Theres just too much to see, play and do, you see. Mine are no exception. Here's a stalling tactic by my girl during naptime. (These days she is beggining to be more and more caught up with pretend play.)

MG: Ok. Time to sleep. (Says to my girl after putting sleeping baby down on his side of the bed. I sleep in the middle between them both.)
My Girl: I want to water the flowers. (Walks all over the bed with her toy watering can pretending to water the flowers on the bedsheet)
MG: Ok. 3 times only then go to sleep. (3 is my magic number because its her favourite number. Most of the time I can get her to stop whatever she's doing or finish her food etc by saying 3 times only.)

After a while......

My Girl: Mummy, can I water the flowers some more. Its dried up already. (Pointing to the flowers on the bedsheet)
MG: Ok. When you're finished, go to sleep.

After a while.......

MG: Time to sleep. Enough already.
My Girl: Mummy, I want to water some more. The flowers not yet grow.
MG: Ok (Then goes back to reading magazine. No point in forcing her to sleep when she's not sleepy. Or in other words, just too plain lazy and tired to argue or nag her to go to sleep.)

After a while.......

My Girl: Mummy, can you hold the watering can for me? My hands tired. My hands need a rest. Then I can hold my bear bear. (Then she lies down beside me, picks up her beanie bear and smiles.)

Immediately after that.....

My Girl: Bear bear walking up to look at the flowers (walks her beanie bear up my pillow.)
My Girl: Mummy, I want to water the flowers for bear bear. (takes back the toy watering can from me)

Plays with the toy watering can AND beanie bear for a while.....

My Girl: Mummy, I put my head on the pillow but I don't want to close my eyes (Lies down beside me again)

A Minute later.......

My Girl: zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. so cute....hey..i remember i have lots of stalling tactics as well...even up till today! heheheh

  2. good lor... at least she dun come and kacau you ler... she entertains herself :)

  3. How cute! She is good, at least she didn't ask mummy to play with her! Mummy still can read magazine peacefully!

  4. a&a'smom10:38 AM, March 06, 2006

    LOL, very good tactics. Next time tell her that too much water can kill the flowers!

  5. so patience? I don't know how Twinsdad handle them, but I really have no patience, my tactic is closed eye make snoring sound pretent I sleeping.

  6. You're very patient, i think i'll lose my cool the after the 3rd "water the plant" tactics..haha..normally i just "order" Damien to close his eyes...;p

  7. mom2ashley,
    Care to share some of them? ;)

    "at least ... she entertains herself :)" .... yeah, sometimes....just sometimes

    Well, I was reading a magazine. If I had been sleeping, she would probably be prying my eyes open to talk to me.

    then she'll ask me "why?"

    They dun try to pull your eyelids open meh?

    "normally i just "order" Damien to close his eyes" ..... Oh, I've done that too...many times. Hehehe.

  8. hey at least u can still read in peace :). Mine will start grabbing my magazine though I gave her a book. When sleeping time means lights off or else she will walk around and refuse to sleep :(

  9. Very cute leh your girl. I have to "force" Qi Ning to nap or else she would prefer to stay awake and play the whole day!

  10. So far, my girl will not walk in & out during night sleep, but like to talk! Hv to order her mouth shut only she listen!
    Nap time yes, various reason will given to u, just let her finish it, else she will not sleep wan!

  11. So cute.

    Sometimes it can be a headache when putting kids to sleep, especially when we're tired... Arrggh!

    Lucky that she ended up sleeping in the end...

  12. jazzmint,
    Lucky baby was asleep or he would have tore my mag. hehe. Usually I read to them until they puas-puas before lights off so they don't mind when its switched off.

    contended mum,
    yah. sometimes have to use "force" hehehe.

    My girl was not walking in and out but rather on the bed! Hahaha. But I usually put a stop to it if the "walking" turns to jumping or hopping. Your girl very cute, likes to chat eh?

    sometimes when we're too tired we end up sleeping first but get woken up several times, yes? But somehow I just am unable to sleep no matter how tired till the kiddoes doze off unless I'm exhausted.

  13. aiya, even my 2 big buffaloes are still like that! If I don't tell them to go upstairs for bed, they will buat tak tau.
    Even after they go upstairs, it'll be another 30mins before lights are out. Cos they will play bit, giggle, dance, sing, re-arrange their books on the shelf, etc!! Just 1001 excuses!!

  14. At least you don't have to force her to do so. Isabel will grumble a bit but falls asleep quite fast.

  15. king's wife,
    haha. Oh! And I thought I only had to deal with it when they are young.

    Wow! Isabel is such a sweetie, just grumble a bit then fall asleep quite fast. I like that!

  16. Haha.. better let her do whatever she wants and tire herself.. then try to argue with her.. take the fun out of every thing. :P

  17. zara's mama,
    Thats true. It takes the fun out of it and I think in the end, she also takes about the same time to fall asleep. ;)

  18. i've learned that leaving them to play til they're tired is best, at least they go to sleep happy :P of course i learnt it the hard way, it's teruk to force Ivan but sometimes he sleeps just too late, keep wanting to play play play

  19. sue,
    Yah, letting them play until tired sometimes works but its a fine line to draw. Sometimes when they become overtired, they will look even more active and have great difficulty winding down to fall asleep after that.


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