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Monday, March 27, 2006

Baby's favourite words

Baby has increased his vocabulary further. At 23 months, his favourite words are.......

  • Dddy (daddy) - now I'm not sure why he loves to go around calling "Dddy, Dddy" but when his daddy holds out his arms to scoop him up, he runs away shaking his head vigorously. Also he refuses to call "mummy" even though he can. Naughty baby indeed!
  • skud (scared) - he loves to run to me thumping his chest in fear when he hears a loud sound. This one courtesy of his sister whom he loves to copy. So everytime there is a loud sound, I would hear two little pairs of pitter patter feet running towards me.
  • stuck - whenever his toys or he himself is stuck somewhere, which is often.
  • no more! - at the end of any show when the credits roll or when he finishes a drink or food
  • go go (mango) - when I serve him mango
  • oh oh! - when he drops something, sometimes on purpose.
  • nana (banana) - when I serve him bananas or when he sees some hanging in the kitchen and want some.
  • kai kai - when he wants to go out, he'd run to the shoe cabinet to get his shoes. (Don't all children just love to "kai kai".)
  • thow! (throw) - when he and his sister are playing their favourite game ie. throwing anything and everything around the house.
  • elmo! - when he sees the little elmo that used to be a cake topping decoration. Not sure why, but he loves the little hello kitty, elmo and cookie monster cake topping decorations. Maybe cos' its easy to hold in his little hand.
  • yea! (cheering) - he would cheer and clap his hands when he thinks he's done something smart! Then of course he'd be delighted if we cheer and clap along or praise him.
  • cup - goes to the kitchen and point to his cup on the kitchen counter then points to the cupboard where I keep the ribena bottle.

Meantime, his sister continues to make us laugh with her words.

My Girl: Daddy, baby's toy no more battery. Please put battery!

Mr MG: Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Ok? Daddy busy doing work.

The next day.....

My Girl: Daddy, put battery for baby's toy. Its tomorrow already. (Haha. She definitely can understand the concept of time now)

And here's another one....

My Girl: Daddy, go and play with your computer.

Mr MG: Why?

My Girl: Don't disturb mummy. Mummy is busy doing work. (Mummy was busy cleaning the aircon which was leaking. Hmm....lucky Mr MG. Why don't she tell mummy to go and play with the computer instead huh?)

My Girl: And don't ask so many why, why, why! (Hahaha. She must have learned this from us!)


  1. Hahaha..i like the last one by your girl..classic!

    Children are really our mirror..gotta watch our words now! :)

  2. Haha! Can't ask why? She really picks that up from you or Mr MG.

  3. children picks up words from us very fast...nowadays i very am very careful with my words...if not i will get it back from belle! it's not nice being lectured by a small girl noe. hehe.

  4. Why, why, why.. tell me why.

    We can't run away from this quesion.. now you cannot ask why? Hahaha.. cute lah :)

  5. my girls favorite reply is "nothing, nothing.", when we ask "what happen?" you know where they got it from.

  6. what an inquisitive girl you have there..asking her daddy to play with his computer so as not to disturb mg...

  7. blurblur,
    "Children are really our mirror" ... Now thats a tall order to set ourselves straight first or else....

    *blush blush*

    Haha. No. Its not nice being lectured by a little one!

    Why? Why we all cannot escape from why?

    Mine is "dunno". :P

    Inquisitive... nice word for "busybody" Hahaha.

  8. baby of mine (12 mths 2 weeks)has now successfully utters the word :

    1) mama (he he he, hubby jeles, woo)
    2) tatak (kakak) - everytime i summon my second one -3 yrs old)

    ooo, if u don't mind, i'd like to link your place to mine, if that's ok with u.

    by the way, my kids just luv your educational websites that you've link here.. so, nowdays, they're pretty occupied with the edu site and less of fighting over some stupid toy. (padahal dalam toy box tu punyala banyak lagi). urrgghh, i think my face also turns green...

  9. The Oh-Oh I think it's a universal baby language of dropping something or losing something. :P

    Still refuse to call you mummy.. hmm.. wonder why they are always like that.

  10. hahaha...ur girl sounds as though u parents are very fan :P, asking so many whys kekeke...

  11. very soon ur baby will say "don't want" liao, as this is my Xuan's favourite till now!

    wah u cleaning the aircon but Mr.MG play with computer?! hohoho... how lucky Mr.MG, u and maria are so alike, superwoman can do everything wan ya :D

    u should have teach ur gal that servicing aircon should be man's work mah, let ur gal tell Mr.MG to do it then u play computer loh. LOL

  12. Hello Tee,
    Welcome to my blog. You've got a fast talker there eh? Those sites I recently updated and put on another page. Share with you ok? Its here Glad to here your kids like them. Oh, and I will link you too. I love to discover more and more mamas on the blog to share with.

    zara's mama,
    Mr MG is of the opinion that "daddy" is easier to call then "mummy". Last night baby did call "mummy" 2-3 times... after he called "daddy" about a dozen times. Not fair. Hehe.

    Ya. You should see the way she said it. Really like we all very "fan" like that.

    We usually do it together. In fact we had just done so and I was merely doing the final touches and Mr MG was still hanging around chatting to me when my girl kaypoh and thought he was in the way. Hehe.

  13. Haha, go go for mango? Dat's a new one.

    Kids are very inquisitive and curious and they want to know about everything.

    Why like this, why like dat, why cannot? Those are my gals's favourite questions. But I do try to explain to her with possible answers and she'll always seems to be satisfied and will not ask further.

  14. tracy,
    ya. ya. And he would say it with jest. "Gogo!" Sounds like "Agogo" or something. My girl would go on and on until we provide her with an answer which she feels is logical.

  15. Yer boy is more expressive than Chloe was at 23 months..! congrats.. MG..!
    and yer girl so cute lah.. ;)
    I'm sure she tickled your heart.. for she has tickled mine.. ;)

  16. mamabok,
    And at one time we were wondering how come he was so silent cos his sister spoke earlier than him. :P


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