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Friday, March 10, 2006

I wish......

  1. I wish to lie back and have my scalp and neck gently massaged with sweet smelling shampoo and warm water to rinse it off.
  2. I wish to have my lower back massaged in a cool room with music softly playing till I drift off to dreamland.
  3. I wish to wake up to find hot home cooked porridge or clear noodle soup waiting for me on the table and for someone to clear up after I'm finished with my meal

Ok MG wake up! WAKE UP! You can stop dreaming now!


My throat feels sore and like something is stuck inside. My nose is blocked and congested. My lower back hurts and I feel a little bit feverish.

Hmm... enough of negativity. Lets post something positive instead.

Last night, in the middle of the night, baby woke up and sat up suddenly. I pretended to be asleep instead of going to him immediately. He sat up unsteadily with his eyes closed. He looked like he was about to tumble forwards or backwards anytime. After a while, he crawled over to me and lay his head on my shoulder. (I was sleeping on my side). But that was not good enough for him. He crawled higher and put his cheek on my cheek. Hehe. So sweet. Then he sat up again, his eyes wide opened and he tugged at my sleeve. I opened my eyes to look at him and he pointed to his breastfeeding pillow. Ahh.... my weaning efforts stalled for the time being from his feeling sick.

My girl woke up whispering a few times to herself. She was running a high fever. One time she woke up and said "Mummy, I scared. I cannot see anything. Everything blur blur." I reassured her that everything looked blur because her nose was runny and thats why she had tears in her eyes which made "everything blur blur." Another time she suddenly woke up and said "Mummy.... happy." Poor little thing. Her fever was very high yesterday and she looked so tired. These are the things that keep me going.

Like mama22beas said in her comments to me:

"But funny, I'd be calmer when kids are sick, tougher too...I rarely get cranky even less sleep. maybe because I kesian them a lot! "

How true. I think we're all a bit that way. The kids will get very cranky and fretty but your patience with them doubles up. How can you not get anything but tougher and stronger in order to provide them with the comfort, love and attention when they need it the most? Ok. Go MG Go!


  1. 3 wish only? I think mine much much longer lor!...ya, dreaming only lar!

    Ya, got to be more patient with them when they sick, they need us! More love, more cuddle, more hugs...sure they'll ok very soon!

    Take care!

  2. Aww..poor thing..take care ya!

    Naturally, we'll be more patient towards them when they're sick..cos that's mother,hehe...:)

    Get well real soon....:)

  3. We definitely kesian them a lot.. In these moments, we can even go sleepless, foodless, bathless, etc. taking care of them.. coz' we're mothers :)

    We need to hear the cute conversations of your girl. Hope she recovers fast..

    Get well soon, okay..

  4. take care..now the weather is so uncertain, a lot ppl falling sick :(

  5. think the weather is getting to everyone... especially the little ones... drink more water :)

  6. poor thing... yes drink more water. boil barley for them, keep some unsweeted one for making milk for them.

  7. Yeah MG...that's the spirit!
    And what I do is...I'd remind myself to really take good care of them and once the episode is over, I will get a reward to myself...have time on my own, for eg.
    Get well soon!

  8. Oh No, you also down with sore throat?
    yap, without helper make us even more tough and strong :D.

  9. Oh boy.. everybody is sick in the house?

    Hope you all are getting better..

    All mothers become very strong.. and never knew our capabilities until we have kids. :P

  10. Hi All,
    Thanks for dropping by with your "Get Well soon" messages. Sorry too lazy to reply to all but here's an update. I almost lost it again when baby ate only one teaspoon of my food and my girl threw up all of hers. Aiyoh! So worried that they would feel even more sick to take meds without food in their little tummies but what to do? My girl just threw up dinner again. Sigh! And here I am, with my greasy hair and itchy scalp feeling all tensed up and unable to wind down for the day. Chey! My three wishes of this morning seem even more out of reach now. :(

  11. How true... it's them who seems to bring out the super human in us... but when it's all over and they're better, I feel like my body needs an overhaul :P

  12. Hi MG

    So, so poor of you and kids. Hope the weekend with Mr. MG is much better. Throwing food only? Make sure you get lots of fluids down your girl, ok? Watch out for any dry palms and dry lips. If still like that, see doc better ler.

  13. Hello dear. Sorry to hear that you are going through the monster-mommy days. I know it's virtually impossible not to fret over their empty stomachs, but right now, if they can take fluids, it's alright if they don't eat (my paed says during fever, drinking is more important than eating). I used to get stressed over this too, but I've learnt to ease up. Like when we adults get sick, we also don't feel like eating. I just make sure my kids drink a lot of fluids, a little bit at a time but frequently. I also cook something simple (nothing elaborate that stresses me if they don't eat!!) in case they want to eat.

    Let me share something my 7 yr old's classmate told me. She said "You cannot scold HY if she vomit. Cannot!!" And I've scolded HY for vomiting only once in her entire life... :)

  14. sue,
    I'm long overdue for an overhaul!

    Thanks. Yes I've taken her to see the doc. Both of them have very very dry cracked bleeding lips so I give them fluids all day long.

    Thank you for your reminder. Baby still refuses to eat and my girl would eat but she would throw up afterwards. Sigh.


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