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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Now WHY didn't I think of that?

My Girl is at the "Why" stage of childhood development/milestone. She asks a "Why?" for just about everything and adds a "but why?" and a "Yes... but why?" till she gets a satisfactory answer or one which she feels is satisfactory or she'd ask "Why" again immediately after you answer a question. Sometimes after all the "Whys" she answers the original question herself. And her answers often makes more sense than mine. Hahaha. Here's an example:

My girl playing with my handbag strap.

MG: Don't put my handbag over your neck.
My Girl: Why?
MG: Because cannot
My Girl: Why?
MG: Because mummy say cannot lah!

After a while, apparently still not satisfied...

My Girl: Maybe its for your hand only
MG: Yes! Yes. Thats right its for mummy's hand only. (Now why didn't I think of that? Hmmm.)
My Girl: Why?
MG: Because its for the hand only lah! Not for the neck and stop asking so many questions. (Now, everytime I say this, I want to kick myself because I feel that I should not discourage her from asking questions to satisfy her curiousity and to learn. Why, I'd be very guilty indeed if she becomes afraid to ask questions in school later on because of this wouldn't I? Now this goes on in my mind everytime but I can't help myself after the "whys" get a little too tiresome. Bad momma.)
My Girl: Mummy, maybe its a hand bag not a neck bag!
MG: Errrr... Yes. Yes. Its a hand bag not a neck bag.


  1. So clever. :D

    But why nobody create a neckbag? :P

  2. She got a better answer than you ha ha ha.

  3. clever girl! at least she figured out that logic! ;)

  4. hahaha... cha-tou! when my mind is with me I can answer the WHY very well, but when I am dreaming, I usually give the "mommy say so" answer.
    so I guess your mind was some where else then :D.

  5. totally zha-dou!
    soon she will out-talk you liao!

  6. With their Why, What, When, etc.., we will definitely get tired. But, that's the say they learn :) and will never be satisfied till our answer sounds logic.

    We can't help it :P

    Cute girl.. very inquisitive.

  7. jason,
    Why? Why? Why?

    It happens quite often that way ie her answers are often so logical I wonder why I never thought of it myself.

    Sometimes I think she's waiting for me to give her the answer she wants and when I don't, she provides me with the answer!

    haha. That means I must be dreaming most of the time because usually kenot answer!

    Ya lar! Betul betul kena zha-dou!

    "We can't help it" ---- Oops! So guilty of that.

  8. Your girl is getting smarter than mummy.. :P

    HAND bag. not NECK bag.

  9. Yeah, many Q & A at this stage, we mummy got to scatch head to think of the good answer for them! else they will keep asking.

  10. Really smart girl!

    I have read from a book that kids are much smarter than adult. How true!

  11. Yes, the dreaded "why" stage. I don't do the "mommy said so" thing. Mine is the "I don't know, you tell me lah" thing. Like you already suggested, they usually already have an answer. If not, give them opportunity to think and create. Until one day I got the "why you also ask why?". Hahahah. But the best is "Haiya, I know but you don't know ah?"

  12. zara's mama,
    Indeed, she is.

    Sometimes if answer is not satisfactory, must keep on thinking of new answers!

    Really? How true. LOL.

    I've tried the "I don't know, you tell me" thing but she'd get annoyed and say "No! I ask you!" (pointing to me) or "No! Why???" Hahaha. Your kids answers are a delight.

  13. hehehee...tat's soooo cute!!

  14. alamak, same goes with my 3-yr old daughterla. she wont't quit until she is really, really satisfied with de answer (the one dat she herself thought is logical)... and just imagine i got to endure the same process again (my second daughter is 1 yr old)..

  15. She's very smart!

    I can understand what you mean..sometimes i brush off Damien as well, then my guilty conscience will bug me afterwards..it's really tough being parents huh..;)

  16. mystic,

    king's wife,
    notchet. Wait till you read my next post.

    You're telling me. Mine's 4 and 2 years old.

    Guilt, guilt, guilt. Yes, I suffer from lots of those.

  17. So many questions to answer hor. You sure need a lot of humour and patience.

    Thumbs up for the curious girl.

  18. hehe :) your girl so cute. i've read in many places that kids minds are very straight forward and simple, thus i think that's why their answers are better :P

  19. ROFL!!Yea just like my son..same age same stage :) If i cant answer his question i will question him back : Why you asking so many why???haha..usually he just laugh and stop asking the same question.

  20. allyfeel,
    Need lots of humour and patience indeed. :)

    Yes, thats true isn't it? Their answers seem more straigtforward and logical.

    If I ask mine "Why are you asking so many why?" she'd say "Yes...but why? or "I ask you why!" and point to me again. (*rolls eyes*)

  21. keke..she trying to be smarter than u lerr :P...if me sure tell, u put lah at ur neck, later ur neck break haaha...i always like to scare them off. bad mommy


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