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Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm a snob!

I'm a snob.... or at least I appear to be some of the time because I'm quiet.

I remember when I was younger, second sister's friends told her. "We like your eldest sister better. Your youngest sister is a bit "aksi". (short for action as in snobbish).

And sometimes, Mr MG would tell me.. "Try to make an effort to talk to my friends a bit more, otherwise they may think you don't like them."

Ugh! Thats the problem I sometimes face for being quiet. I'm mistaken for a snob! Because of my silence, I'm easily seen as indifferent and sometimes cold, this even when I try to smile. I guess people don't notice the smile as most people are drawn to people with a gift of the gab ie those that can really talk about anything and everything and draw the attention of everyone in the room.

Being sociable and chatty doesn't come all that naturally to me unless its with people I know really well. I guess growing up the youngest with a big age gap between me and the rest does not help especially when no one listens to you and you've been told again and again to shut up when big people are speaking. Well, I quickly learned to be rather taciturn. (Lesson here: Always listen to your children.)

I'm a lot more chatty and talkative on my blog. At last.... after all these years... I've found my voice! Isn't that great? On my blog, I can let my hair down and be who I truly am, and to be a little bit gila-gila sometimes too. I love to reach out to others, to help in some small way, and my blog allows me to do that much more than in real life.

So, on my blog, I guess, I'm a bit different from my actual self. In real life, I prefer to listen rather than talk. I function a lot better one-to-one than in a group. I'm a homebody rather than a party animal. I wonder about my fellow bloggers, the ones who drop by here frequently. Are you the same in real life as you portray on your blogs? What are you really like? Care to tell me?


  1. don't get me started... if I had a nickle for everyone whose first impression of me is a "SNOB"... blah blah blah...

    that's why my wife is the official PR of the family :P

  2. I'm not very sociable and chatty. I can yak and yak in my blog and diary , but when face to face with someone, I'm reserve. I do not know how to initiate conversation, kind of boring.

    I'm certainly a homebody than a party animal. Friends that are close to me are certainly good at PR that push me to open up.

  3. Oh, I am definitely way more shy and quieter in real life. LOL. I understand you, MG, because I, myself is a listener too. In a yamcha session, I won't talk much but will listen alot. :P And when going out with gals, I am so shy I dare not look at her face while talking and be very quiet compare to my blog's indentity. Hehe. You are not the only one. :D

  4. Hello fellow snobs elaine, egghead and Jason.
    LOL! I'm happy to read that I'm not alone. Hmm... we "snobs" talk a lot on our blogs don't we but are rather more reserved in real life. I wonder if there is a corelation here. The more you talk on your blog the less you talk in person. Hahaha. My sister says I am an introvert but on my blog, I'm anything but introvert yakking away happily!

  5. egghead,
    My impression was that you were the PR of the family.

    I'm not very good at initiating conversations as well.

    Since you express yourself better in writing, like I do, next time try to express to the girl in writing loh if you're shy. Otherwise you kahwin late like me becos so shy. Hehehe.

  6. Heh,didn't know i've got lots of 'snobbish' friends out here! ;p

    I'm just like you, i can 'talk and talk' on my blog and leave lengthy comments on others' blog, but..on social gatherings, i'm like a dumb..i'm definitely not the one who break the ice!

    I can't express myself well and i'm not good with words, so i prefer to 'talk and talk' on my blog..hehe..;)

  7. me same same...even my own dad says i'm a snob! i'm extremely quite and i only talk to you if you appproach me first. in blogging, i'm the same too. dont say much. ;)

  8. mumsgather : so you are the 'diam diam ubi berisi' kind!
    I get tongue tied when I am in a crowd. I work best with 1-2 friends at a time. I think people who have the gift of gab, goes far in life.

  9. I can consider myself a quite person too.. wasnt't a yakity yak person.

    But now, have to socialise at gatherings.. not the famous one talking, but sharing once in a while :P

    Its different on the blog, I write down how I really feel about stuffs :)

  10. Hahaha, mumsgather, u are definitely not alone.

    U can add me in ur 'snobbish' group too. U will never find me making the first move at starting a conversation. I can chat chat chat in msn, yak yak yak in my blog, blah blah blah on the phone but when it comes to facing ppl (esp. I'm not familiar with), I'll shy away. So, direct selling or promoting of products are definitely not my cup of tea.

    On the contrary, I'm a very good listener. Just blah anything to me (except sales), I'll be willing to listen.

  11. blurblur,
    Who would have known there are so many snobbish people out there. LOL!

    "in blogging, i'm the same too. dont say much." - really? I can't tell. Not so cheong hei as me maybe lah. Hehe.

    Yah. It would be nice to have the gift of the gab wouldn't it?

    You're being modest. I sense a life of a party in you. Hehehe.

    Haha. Direct selling certainly not my cup of tea too. Probably will not sell anything accept to myself!

  12. you aksi meh? didn't feel it wor, you gave a big smile last time I see you, so who said you are snob? hrmp?

  13. Oh, looks like I'm at the right place. Me too one of those misunderstood SNOB. Hmmm... makes me wonder what would happen if we all got together. Everybody listen and no one talking? Hahahah.

  14. MG: Sometimes i am like tat also. I might be out partying but doesnt mean i have to talk to people. So there's been times when people said I am very arrogant :(

  15. i was also judged as a snob but really, i was just careful and quiet

    after my divorce, my world turned 360 degrees...a total opposite

    sometimes i wonder, if the change is good or bad

  16. If I don't smile, people will think that I'm very proud, maybe my look is very mature since young. But sometimes depends on mood or the people I meet, if I don't feel like talking that day, I'll just keep quiet. Dunno how to start a line. If I'm with close friends, I'll talk a lot.
    Hubby and my bro are totally the opposite, they're born to chat with anyone!

  17. Count me too in the snobbish and quiet groub!:)


  18. I will talk more if i know the person well but just meet i think i'll rather keep quite and listen.
    You sound much difference in real life and in blog world..haha.

  19. Hi MG! Love your site. I guess I'm in the right crowd. Heh! I had friends who told me I look like a biatch but after getting to know me they said looks can be deceiving. LOL! Nowadays I have to yak and yak..what to do, job requirement or else how to feed the kid?

  20. Unfortunately, I am blessed with the gift of the gab. I am often the kind of person who can just fit into the conversation. Except for maybe if they started talking about shopping or jewelery, hypnosis, politics and DEEP DEEP stuff. Then, I am blur. But I will still try to act like I am interested.

    But I know people who are quiet who find it so uncomfortable being in a crowd. And when you remove them from the crowd, THEY are the ones who are chatty. Strange, huh?


  21. Dunno how to describe in my case. My career is in sales which supposed to be chatty type but I'm the quiet type too in social life. I don't talk much except when I blog. Funny ya.

  22. I also the youngest in the family but I am the one very chi-char(chatty) when meeting up people wor.

    I remember how Maria commented after met me somewhere in Sept last year, she wrote: "Talking with ShiauLin just like reading her blog, chirpily and witty." I am as simple as what I shown in my blog. :D

    So, do u wanna meet me during my next return to Malaysia? ;)

  23. Hahaha..the next time you and your fellow bloggers meet up, everyone must take their notebooks. So that everyone can YM each other instead of talking face to face!! *cracks up thinking of the restaurant private room silent except for sound of typing keyboards!!*

  24. I always get remarks like "your youngest daugther is very snobbish" from my mum's frens as well. Like you, I like to stay at home and I only talk alot to people that I am close to.

  25. Wei, when I read your post, it's like reading about myself wor.
    I am basically an introvert as well, not the real chatty type who can make a conversation out of anything. Only open up in front of close friends with whom I am comfortable.
    I have this gf who told me that when she first saw me, she tak tahan as to how cold and icy I was!
    I guess my blog pretty much portrays my thoughts, and my life.

  26. maria,
    Thats because we are kindred spirits. Haha.

    There would be nothing to listen to if no one were talking. LOL!

    I partied a lot too in my late 20s and early 30s. I partied silently. Hehe.

    siao cha bor,
    I think life changing circumstances changes a person, and usually for the better lah. (So you became more siao or less leh?)

    Good loh, you are surrounded by PR men! :)

    Hello and welcome to my blog. We will do anything for our kids won't we, even yak more. ;)

    Hi. Welcome to my blog. Just one question for you. Why "Unfortunately". Many would love to have the gift of the gab.

    Hey there! Long time no see. I was once in a job where I had to host a lot of seminars, conferences and lunches. Just like you, dunno how, but I did it anyway.

    shiaulin, You'd have to ask my spokesperson why I seldom meet up with other bloggers.

    We'd all have to type pretty furiously since on the blog got plenty to say. Heheh.

    Welcome to the gang then! :)

    king's wife,
    You're anything but cold and icy on your blog!

  27. You will probably find me pretty much myself in actual life, the average decent type. Listen and talk a little bit and likes to smile when I am in good mood. If not, you will see my quiet side.

  28. Hey, I am just like you. I'm not the talkative type but I'm quite chatty when it comes to the people I'm comfortable with.

    However, I prefer to listen rather than do the talking. I won't call people to say hello but I will sms them.

  29. allyfeel,
    Good what being average in the middle and not extreme in either way, neither too quiet nor too cakap banyak. ;)

    Welcome to the gang!


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