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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Babysitter cum teacher

Who say videos are bad for kids? It gives them hours of fun, they love it and they can learn from it......... and it frees the parents ..... for a while. Hahaha. So says a guilty mother who sometimes uses the video as a babysitter :P

MG: Mummy going to shi shi (toilet). You play here.
My Girl: Ok. I'm going to play with all this wonderful toys.
My Girl: Mummy, what is wonderful?
MG: Wonderful means very nice, very good, great.
My Girl: Mummy, the octopus sing and then say, its a wonderful, wonderful song. And then the octopus sing....... ah... ah.... I can't remember the song. Wait..... I think. Mummy, can you remember?
MG: No, mummy cannot remember. We'll watch the show a few more times, then we can sing together ok?

My girl is often like that. She'd use a new word she learns without fully understanding the meaning and then ask what it is in her next breath. I notice she does learn quite a few things and new words from the show she watches and its wonderful that she tries to apply what she learns on her own initiative. I think I shall run out and buy more videos so I can have more free time! that she learns more new words. Hehe. I usually designate two showtimes a day, one just before naptime in the afternoon and the other just before bedtime at night.

Meantime, baby is learning new words too. Last night he said "Awo" (Hello) :)


  1. Yeah, TV & CD is my kids' best babysister too..:P

    btw, I tag u ler! come come, tell us your school life! :)

  2. then you should teach her more wonderful words in the future!

  3. Damien never likes to watch video alone so i'll have to accompany him,no free time for me except when he's napping..

    You girl is fast in picking words, and she uses it in the correct way too..wonderful toys..how clever..:)

  4. My boys learn all their alphabets, numbers and words from VCD. So easy for me hardly have to teach them. I am one lazy mom, so that fits me well. Your girl is really matured for her age.

  5. well, guess i'm in the same train as u are. u name it, interative toys & webs, CD's etc... by doing this, at least baby can play with me without being bullied by her sis.

  6. yup..I play videos for ashley to see as well and she is really engrossed in them...i think it's a good way for them to learn as well.

  7. jesslyn,
    Its the only time they would sit quietly without running around and screaming the whole house down. Haha.

    Yes. Yes. I must!

    In the beggining, I would accompany them at first... then... I sneak away! Hehe.

    Ah.. don't forget the computer as well. Its the new age! Hehe. My girl even learned to write her numbers 1-10 and capital letters A-Z without much help from me. I let her learn from the pc. Lazy me.

    Same here. With big sister engrossed with the interactive pc, baby is free from being bullied for a while. ;)

    But... the parenting books will tell us we are bad parents. Lets burn the books! kekekeke.

  8. LOL... Awo... ow are ew? wonderful day today.

    yah, they watch too much TV programme, they now can speak like ang-mo *roll eye*, and Annabelle even surprise her daddy, greet him "I am glad to see you home." daddy almost fall from the stair case.

  9. Hey.. MG,
    How i wished .. chloe would take to this kinda babysitter/teacher..! unfortunately, for me.. she wouldn't..!! she is so sticky.. no way she is gonna sit on her own.. bummer..!

  10. That's great! She's really making good use of her vocab..

    Champion just started loving Barney.. and he is learning quite a lot!

  11. guess what, the trend now is for parents to bring a portable DVD player with them in restaurant so that the lil' one will be occupied while parents savour their meal. It works! :)

  12. maria,
    Awo... I am glad to see you here. Hehe And your Annabelle's "I am glad to see you home!" So funny!

    You haven't tried sitting with her awhile then sneaking away (as I do) when she's engrossed? Hehe.

    Oh yah. Barney is a good babysitter. Haha.

    Kenot afford to buy portable DVD player, so how? But seriously, I can't imagine myself doing that even if I could afford one. :O

  13. My toddler discovered his eyelashes last night and spent a few minutes touching it. Later, he went around and pester us to let him check if we got eyelashes. *sigh..* so nice.... Eh, at least it is only eyelashes and not something else. LOL.

    So nice to have little learners at home ya?

  14. Yeap barney my part time purple babysitter. My 20 mths gal know his name.

  15. Huh? How come Justin still doesn't like TV? I've been introducing Barney or some Playhouse Disney to him, but he just more interested in walking around...

  16. Just like my kids, i cant 24 hours accompany them so sometime TV show is a good helper. They learn alot from Ch.35 every weekdays 12pm, after they learn and they will used it.
    eg. heavy..everytime we carry the gals they will said heavy..haha. When bath they will said full or empty while show me the cup full of water and no water in it.

  17. My girl oso learns a lot from TV programmes esp. from Astro Channel 63. Sometimes when I asked her who said dat, she would answer "Jojo said lor" or "Barney said lor". And sometimes when I want her to do something, she'll ask me why and I will say "Jojo says so lor" or "Barney says so lor".

  18. i remember when my son was only 2-3 yrs old. he loved watching Barney. then he when we were at the market, he said,'Dont forget to buy bread and bagels!' and when i didnt buy bagels (where to find bagels in Singapore?), he asked 'where are the bagels mom? where are the bagels???'

    now? tonnes of bagels besides the point that my husband is jewish hehehe. we eat bagels every sunday morning!

  19. 5Xmom,
    He didn't pull out all your eyelashes ah? Haha.

    One day baby called "barmie", "barmie". I thot it was "mummy" but then he pointed to "Barney". Chey! (But glad to report that he now prefers "mummy" - Phew!)

    walking around is good .... good exercise.It'll help him to sleep. LOL!

    Its nice to discover them learning new things isn't it?

    "Barney says so loh" - Aha. Good one. Gonna try that the next time I get all the "whys!" Hehehe.

    Can I have some bagels please? Please, please, please? ;) BTW luckily my girl hasn't started asking for them.

  20. Awo Awo..
    Your girl can really explain what wonderful is huh? So cute!

  21. zara'a mama,
    The little one's, we underestimate them sometimes and even baby understands more than we realise.


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