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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Blogging Magnetism

There's this strange pull, this attraction, this addiction called blogging. The more I blog, the more I feel like blogging. If I allowed myself to, I could/would probably write more than one post a day. And so I have this self-imposed limit of "a blog a day" (makes the stress go away) and "no blogging during weekends" otherwise....... Mr MG is gonna clobber me!

Blogging is consumming me up! And so......

  • I'm not going to blog
  • I'm not going to think of what to blog
  • I'm not going to read blogs
  • I'm not going to blog hop
  • I'm not going to leave a comment
  • I'm not going to reply to comments
  • I'm not going to check my stats
  • I'm not going to look at my referral list
  • I'm not going to refresh my blog




................. in the next........... 5 minutes. Okie! Done! I've gotten it out of my chest. (ie. the guilt of blogging when I really should be doing other things.) See y'all tomorrow!


  1. Phew! I thought you mau quit blogging lagi. Scare me.

  2. Hmm... I tried that as well.. and yes, only lasted 5mins. :P

    I too try not to blog over the w/end, would like to do other things like watch a movie or read a book, but it's not easy.. sometimes I still sneak to the study to read blogs. :P

  3. a&a'smom6:46 PM, March 30, 2006

    Lol! Phew!

  4. oh, blog is addictive but i onli blog fullforce when baby is sleeping or away in school

    blogging has indirectly helped me a lot but i just wonder if this is going to be permanent or is it a fad?

    we shall see

  5. See, I'm in front of the pc now, when I shouldn't be. Baby's on my lap nursing and hands and legs all over the computer table. I've just started blogging, not even a month and I'm so so addicted to it already. I have more than 1 post a day and I have neglected alot of things that I did last time and should have been doing. GUILT

  6. Blogging is healthy!! But like vitamins, you can always overdose.

    Hehehe, so long as your hubby doesn't mind and the kids are fed and happy, blog away. Have fun!!

  7. Blogging to me is important.. because it helps me remember important events.. ;)
    I wished i had blogged earlier..!

  8. Jason,
    Kenot lah. In too deep! Hehe.

    zara's mama,
    Yup! Me too. Guilty as charged.

    a&a's mom,
    You fell for my early april fool's day joke? Hehe. Just kidding lah. Actually I hadn't realised it was so close to the day.

    sia char bor,
    It may be a fad, but how is anyone going to stop the masses who have been addicted and infected by the blogging virus leh?

    When I first started, I had about 3 posts a day. Now, I've mellowed! Or rather forcing myself to. I can still write 3 posts a day though. Haha.

    Who says hubby doesn't mind? He minds but he trusts me enough and gives me space to do my own thing.

    Ya. Sometimes to help me remember certain events, I go and do a search on my own blog. Hahaha.

  9. LOL! tahan 5 minutes only ah?
    cannot blame you also :P

  10. I guess we all cannot tahan lah, once we have started blogging.

    I, too, don't blog on weekends. Must spend some quality family time mah ;)

    Somehow, its gives us satisfaction and hapiness when we blog, and read blogs..

  11. egghead,
    What about you leh? 3 minutes? kekekeke.

    Yah. Really cannot tahan lah. Thats why I don't have ads on my blog although I'd like to. Hubby sked I blog even more!

  12. this few days I very cham... I am rushing for a logn article (you know which one), then my mind was just "I want to blog leh... I want to read blog leh.... ai yoh, why so difficult to finish wan... faster alr, I want to blog..."

    thanks goodness writing article, not doing "something" else.

  13. I know what you mean also. Blogging has left me little time for anything else. There are some tasks waiting for me, but I just keep putting them off. Very teruk...Ssshhhhhhh.

  14. maria,
    Eh, finished rushing around already or not you?

    king's wife,
    Ok. Hehe. Shhhhh. Shhhh... You don't tell on me, I won't tell on you ok?

  15. I can't imagine puopular blogger having to reply comments of 50 or 100 per day. It really takes up lots of time eh...

    That's why I have set myself limit. Only blog during working hrs, no blogging on weekends. Hehe! *turn head around, my boss not here* :P

  16. allyfeel,
    My "boss" looks over my shoulder all the time and sometimes even sit on my lap when I blog! Hehehe.


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