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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Loud Booming Mommy's Voice

We had just arrived at the mall to do some shopping. The kids were running encouraged by Mr MG "Run, run. At the mall, no carry, carry, walk yourself." And so he ran on ahead, chased by the kids and they urged me to run after them. I tagged along behind, smiling and happy and then I heard this loud booming mommy's voice saying "DON'T RUN ALL OVER THE PLACE LAH!" as I passed by this harrassed looking mommy grabbing her son a little too roughly. With my blogger's mind, I told myself that I won't do the same thing. I shall let the kids enjoy themselves and I shall too!

And so, we walked/ran on to the pharmacy, the book shop, the department store. The kids got wilder happier. As they ran down the glassware section of the department store, I heard this loud booming mommy's voice saying "C'MON, STOP RUNNING ALL OVER THE PLACE!" Only, this time the voice was my own! And if any passer by happened to see my face at that moment, they would have seen the same pained expression worn by the other mommy I saw about an hour ago. Hahahaha!

Oh well, kids will be kids and moms will be moms. Thats the order of things. And looks like Mdm Hyde has come out to play again :P


  1. "watch where you run, watch where you go, becareful" that is what I shout usually.

    ai yah... shopping mall so big, don't run there run where?

  2. that's why i try to avoid going to the glassware section... with my 3-yr dother, can't trust her with all her mischievous acts !!! (she is so gila-gila -- erm.... come to think of it, she's the reflection of me when i was a kid... now, just have to wait if my youngest doter will turn out just like her sis.... help me !!!! :) :) :)

  3. Sei-lor...was that me?? No wait...I stayed at home this weekend. But sure sounded like me...*sticks tongue out playfully*

  4. Haha..so familiar..that's what i shouted too leh ;p

    I guess it's just normal when you have an active toddler in tow..what more you've got 2 leh..so, by all means, shout lah..;p

  5. I always shout "run slowly not so fast and look where you are going"

  6. maria,
    Run at the park? ;) But shopping mall also good place to run accept have to make sure they don't run out of sight!

    LOL. Then you'll have a handful or rather your hubby will have a handful being surrounded by 3 gila-gila girls.

    Sure it wasn't you? ;)

    To onlookers we look like stressed out mums who don't know how to relax. Perhaps we ARE stressed out mums who don't know how to relax. Hahaha.

    contented mum,
    You forgot "Don't touch anything!" Hehe.

  7. Hahaha, we can't help it, can we! :)

    Mdm Hyde, we are even called mean moms?!

  8. i think screaming at kids is a default when we have kids! i always thought that i'd never spoil my kid too much..but now that i am a mommy..it's hard not to spoil them!

  9. geetha,
    Hi there Mean Mom! Yah, I received that email too. Its sweet.

    Yeah, I think we spoil them with too many toys but we can't spoil them with too many cuddles now can we? ;)

  10. I just came back from shopping, when we dine in the terrace cafe for assam laksa in Jusco, I almost got choke, because of a loud bomming voice outside the cafe shout to her children, you know weekday the place very quiet, and the voice just .... Whao... definately not you, speaking Chinese wan.

  11. Haha..
    Every body had a good time, so it's time to wind down and stop the running about.

    I too normally start with energetic you run I chase attitude in the beginning.. then towards the end, when I get tired, I'll normally become strict too. :(

    We're just human. :P

  12. maria,
    You got the place right but the time wrong wor. It was at exactly the same place where I shouted ie at the glassware section right in front of the assam laksa place in Jusco. Summore, my mouth was watering thinking of the assam laksa. Hahaha. Dunno why hor, even the most soft spoken of persons has a loud booming voice with their own kids. :P

    zara's mama,
    Too human!


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