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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


In my disciplinary efforts with my girl, I rely on my early warning system ie 1,2,3.........!

"Stop tearing the book/beating baby/throwing your toys/jumping on the bed etc or you will get the stick(rotan) on the count of 3. 1,2,3..........!"

"Don't play in the bathroom too long. I'm switching the lights off on the count of 3. 1,2,3........!"

Works everytime! Any naughty activity is usually stopped on the count of 3 without tears or further shouting or scolding. Sometimes she even asks me to count!

Apart from stopping naughty acts in the tracks, I also use it for other purposes:

To tell her its almost time to stop playing

"Ok. You can play with this/that 3 more times. 1,2,3.....!

Works like a charm. She will stop whatever it is she was playing happily without a whine/complaint. Anyway, I do find that ending an activity/switching to another activity is met with much less resistance when you tell them beforehand instead of abrubtly. Baby is beggining to pick up this system too, counting along with me/us 1,2,3.....!

To hurry things along

"Come on and get dressed/wear your shoes. We''ll be late. Hurry! Come here now. I'm counting to 3. 1,2,3....!"

And she would appear like magic!


  1. hehe, I use the 123 system too, but seems like doesn't work on my girl lehh

  2. Yeah, the 123 doesn't works well with damien leh..whenever i start couting he'll tell me: "Wait, mummy, 5 more minutes please?" hmm..can i say no?? ;)

  3. 1st of all...I gotta let SQ understand wat is 1 2 3 system ler..hehe..She always tot tat I just playing with her..hai...never pay attention to my warning..:(

  4. It doesn't work for me too!
    When I count 123, wien continue: 456789,10!...then Lyon will just say : 1,2,1,2..*sigh*

  5. The 1,2,3 system doesn't work on my girl. She'll just finish off the counting for me and then ask me to start counting again. Lucky you.

  6. MG, at the count of 3, you should stop blog surfing and go do your housework... 1,2,3...

  7. jazzmint,
    For me, very effective wor.

    Works the opposite way for me. When I ask her for 5 minutes cos' I'm too busy to play with her she tells me "3 minutes mummy! Don't be too long."

    1,2,3....! must be said with a very stern voice and serious face. Hehe.

    Hahahahaha. Kesian you.

    sarah's mummy,
    Hahaha. Your girl is smart. Ask you to start counting again!


  8. I tried this on Zara.. and she still doesn't get it..
    I can count to 100 and she'll still not bothered..

    But for getting ready to go out or asking her to come to me.. my magic phrase is..

    "Ok Bye.. " pre-phase by "mummy going if you are not coming".

  9. I tried this to my girls before, it work! because they stop crying and start counting with me till 20!!!!

  10. Before your girl got accustomed to the 123 system, did you always say, "I'll use the rotan if you don't...by the count of 3"?? Aiyo, in the states where got rotan? Got rotan also cannot use. Nanti kena tangkap for child abuse.

  11. zara's mama,
    "Ok Bye.. " pre-phase by "mummy going if you are not coming".
    Haha. That works for us too when going out.

    Soon they'll be counting to 100 then finish you. Hahaha.

    Oh No! We started counting because she simply loves to count. We count when she eats, play, etc. The rotan (balloon stick actually) only came into the scene much much later.

  12. Hey, I also use the same system. I works with me. It really can do wonders ;) *nod head*

  13. I use to my 3 musketeers.Works usually....If they are crying,they usually stop cry when I count to 1,2,3...At least we won't ambarrasing when we are in the mall.

  14. geetha,
    Yah, it does wonders!

    Haha. So far I haven't tried it at the mall. At the mall, I use distractions when they refuse to leave a certain place (kiddy rides or toy shop for example) "Come here quick! Mummy has something to show you!" usually does the trick.

  15. Counting 1,2,3 to Jo just like nonsense, maybe he doesn't get the meaning.

  16. Wahh..this is a good trick, huh. Definitely going to use this method when Brae is older. :P

  17. hui sia,
    Then you have to use some other trick yah?

    As you can see from the comments, it doesn't work on every kid wor. Like everything else from pregnancy to birth then eat, sleep and play, each kid is different and unique.


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