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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


  1. I'm slacking in my diet and exercise (After losing 15 pounds, I've regained 3 pounds simply because I stopped resisting those plates of char koay teow and roti canai. My tummy is back and that makes me feel fat, sloppy and lazy to exercise. Its a vicious downward spiral I tell you)
  2. I'm slacking in my housework and cooking (Theres tonnes that I want to do but I'm not doing any of it)
  3. I'm slacking in my communications (ie. keeping in touch with people who are important to me)
  4. I'm slacking in my reading (all those books that I want to read are collecting dust and I'm behind in catching up with the news)
  5. I'm slacking in looking after hubby ("Hon, no glass of water for me ah? No massage for me today? How come we haven't eaten fruits for so many days? Have you done this/that yet?" Poor hubby is beggining to sound neglected)
  6. I'm slacking in making sure the kids are more productively occupied. (I just let them entertain themselves mostly though theres so much more I should be doing with them.)


MG: I've got to get out of this rut. How ah?

Lazy MG: Dunno

MG: No other way accept to get your butt outta this chair and start doing all those things you say you are slacking in!

Lazy MG: Aiyah, so lazy lah. I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING!

MG: Go! Woman! Go!

Lazy MG: Must I?

MG: Shoo! Shoo! GO NOW!!!!!


  1. is just one of those lazy season of the year... and you know what? mother's day is coming mah... so you have all the right to slack :)

  2. At least you didn't slack in updating your blog. :P

  3. Once in a while, we just got too lazy, i think it's ok lah..don't be too hard on yourself, we're only humans mah! ;)

    And yeah, mother's day just round the corner, by all means, slack lah...;p

  4. There is one time I slacking in ironing hubby working shirt, until he come to me : pls ler, iron my shirt, dun always hook at pc ler! haha..
    perhaps egghead is right, due lazy season! LOL

  5. hehe...lazy season around the corner, I'm also sitting around got lots to do, dunno where to start..must get the butt up...I think the butt too big lah

  6. egghead,
    Hehe. Yah hor.

    Thats why its not included in the list. ;)

    I feel like such a lazy bum, feel so lethargic....

    I send his clothes out for ironing otherwise....... My own clothes, I wear those that don't need ironing. Thats how lazy I am. kekeke.

    Oh dearie me. I think so too lah. Must be the big butt! I told you it was a vicious downward spiral. Slack in exercise leads to big butt leading to more laziness leading to bigger butt....

  7. I'm slacking in everything too, but i'm hardworking to read through all the blogs!

  8. Aaahh.. we are only humans, we are all not perfect. So, its okay to slack once in a while (not too long lah.. if not domestic disaster!) ;P

  9. a&a'smom5:44 PM, May 10, 2006

    Hope u get back on track soon. Just need something to get u motivated. I promise that the restarting ur exercise will definately lift up ur spirits

  10. you should be the one saying to Mr MG : "Hon, no glass of water for me ah? No massage for me today? How come we haven't eaten fruits for so many days? Have you done this/that yet?"

    Jaga 2 kids and keeping a house is not as easy as working in an office lar.. so he should come home and pamper you instead of the other way round.. :P

  11. yeah i know what you mean....slacking in everything except blogging!

  12. Ask your hubby to take leave and jaga your children. For you, go out and enjoy, doing whatever you like. :P I m sure it will give u a kick start.

  13. Wow, you lost 15 pounds??? Put back on 3 still means you lost 12 pounds mah. Don't worry, it's probably just a passing season. Body probably telling you it needs a rest.

  14. hui sia,
    Me too. :P

    When reach domestic disaster that time the vicious downward cycle gets worse!

    Well, after I wrote the post, I did go and exercise for 40 minutes, then I cooked and had a long shower and felt happy with myself for about an hour. The feel good factor went away soon after and Miss Lazybones was back!

    zara's mama,
    " so he should come home and pamper you instead of the other way round"
    I wish! I think lots of SAHM just long to hand over the kids to hubby when they get home and say "Nah! All yours!" but in reality it doesn't quite work that way. So better think twice before quitting job eh? Hahaha.

    king's wife,
    Terrible hoh, we all....

    mama bok,
    Hi 5! (Shall we motivate ourselves a little bit? Think of something pleazzeee? I'm too lazy. Hehehe.)

    Well, we have a long weekend coming up, that'll serve as a good kick start.

    Yah, I lost 15 pounds in 6 months with lots of hardwork and put back 3 in just 1 week due to slack. Sobs!

  15. It's okay to indulge yourself doing nothing once in a while. It's long weekend again...can lepak longer la...:D

    Wahh, you so good, give massage to hubby one arr?

  16. Haha...tell me about it. I'm SUPER lazy since becoming a mummy for 3 years now!

  17. I just had a very similar conversation with ET yesterday, LOL... lazy bug strike huh? can't help it. anyway it wouldn't stay long.

  18. allyfeel,
    Foot massage only lah.

    SUPER lazy is the word.

    Another one bitten by the lazy bug eh?

  19. a&a'smom6:19 PM, May 11, 2006

    Tell MSLAZYBONES she is not wanted anymore!

  20. dun worry, u ain't the only slacker...i've been slacking in everything except motherhood..
    pray thee tell: do all mothers lose interest in everything except their children?


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