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Thursday, May 04, 2006

All About Baby

I've written many posts about my girl probably because she's older and learning more things but baby must have a post of his own too. So this post is all about baby :)

Colours, Numbers and Alphabets Recognition

Its worthwhile recording that my boy has started recognising colours, numbers and alphabets.

When he sees colours, he would point and say "Bue" (Blue), "Geen" (Green). Its endearing to listen to his "Bues" and "Geens". Sounds absolutely adorable, to mummy, that is. For the moment every colour he sees is "Bue" and "Geen". Lol!

When he sees alphabets, he would go "A, B, C..." Not bad. Not bad. So says proud mummy. (*clap clap clap*)

And when he sees numbers, he would go, "One, Two, Tee..." (He can count to 10 minus the "7")

Growing from "M" to "L"

Another thing for me to note. We just changed him into "L" sized diapers recently. Compared to his little cousin sister who is a good one year younger than him and in "L" before him, to think of all the diaper money he saved us for a year. Hahaha.

That's my boy!

These days he not only flips about when trying to fall asleep, he would talk to himself and sing to himself as well. The other day he sang "Baby Mine" his favourite lullaby as he flipped to and fro. (I know this post is supposed too be all about baby but must mention here that my girl gets very emotional when she hears that lullaby. The tears would run quietly down her eyes and she would sob when I try to ask her why. So cute. I think its because in the show Dumbo the baby elephant was separated from his mummy so it makes her sad. I would then explain to her that its ok to cry and its ok to be sad, that sometimes people cry when they are happy or sad.)

Back to baby. He flipped and banged into my head twice with his little head to which I said "Ouch. Pain. Pain." but he merely rubbed his head with his little hand. (His head must be tougher than mine!) The third time I saw his head approaching mine, I told him "Now be careful. Don't bang into mummy's head again" and he replied "kay" (Ok) (He has this funny way of replying "kay" to everything we try to tell him though we're not sure if he really understood or not). He then lay his head beside mine on the pillow and put his hand on my face playfully touching my chin. After a while I turned towards him to find that he had fallen asleep... quite suddenly! Thats my boy!

Duck Walk

He has a funny walk/run putting one foot quickly in front of the other when he's happy or excited. Its funny to watch but I'm so afraid he would fall as he looks so wobbly!

Loving Boy

He is a very loving boy and loves to give me hugs and kisses. And I'm loving it too! More! More! Hehehe.


  1. my son keeps himself entertained by singing, talking, moving about when he cannot sleep at night too!

  2. How wonderful to have a baby who loves to give you kisses and hugs. I always have to ask my boy for it.

    Btw, looking at your profile, I realised that we're quite similar in terms of the horoscope and zodiac sign. Although not sure if you're a young horse. Me is old horse going menopausal!

  3. Oh... Baby Mine is one of the song I never sing to the girls, because everytime before I can finish the second line I start feeling want to cry already. before watch Dumbo was OK, after watch Dumbo... cannot lar...think about it also sad.

  4. Other than 'geen-go' and 'red-(s)top', every other colour is 'yelo' to LLS.. and he always miss out '5' & '6' hahaha...

    LLS will become very sad and want to cry when i sing the 'Tiny Planet' song softly and slowly. Its funny they know which is happy tune which is sad tune.

  5. egghead,
    Its cute isn't it, the way they fall asleep? :) Last night he was singing halfway and fell asleep in midsong again. Lol!

    Me old horse too but my kids young so often mistaken for young horse online. Hahaha.

    "Baby mine, don't you cry, baby mine, dry your eyes, rest your head close to my heart,never to part, baby of mine......"
    Cry already or not? kekekeke

    Its wonderful to observe their developments including their budding little emotions...happy, sad, angry etc. Last night baby was naughty so we scolded him, afterwhich he cried very hard and went to hide behind the sofa but kept on peering at us to see if we were looking. Hahaha.

  6. Aww.. so sweet.. your little boy.

    They are at this age where they can entertain themselves with their own blabbering and singing until they go to bed huh? Zara does that too.. One minute she's up yakking, the next, eyes closed softly snoring away.

  7. zara's mama,
    Its funny how they will fall asleep quite suddenly when they look so alert just moments before!

    Why? Why?

  8. You have a sensitive girl and a loving boy...lucky you..;)

    Damien very stingy with his kisses, have to "beg" or do something for him in exchange for it..sigh..;p

  9. I also start the alphabets,shape, colour and numbers for my gals. The number they already know to count to 10 but i think they dunno what izzit..hehe. The alphabets they will know to sing the ABC song, some will missing but can finish the whole song. I just start the shape and colour hope can lern more.

  10. My Jo alphabets sense are bad, almost wrong in sequence, from a, b, c then suddenly will go to i, o, p!

  11. blurblur,
    Lol! I'm sure you do a lot of begging then! I would!

    Its fun to teach them when they are ready, eager and very willing to learn. :)

    hui sia,
    Hehe. At least its not mixed up with numbers.

  12. that's a very nice write-up on the boy. the little things that make you laugh and wants to hold on to forever.

  13. two little fellas,
    Some of them we may forget if we don't jot down now.


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