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Monday, May 15, 2006

Basking in her love

On Saturday night, thick skinned mommy told her daughter "Tomorrow is Mother's Day you know. Its a special day for all mothers to celebrate. Remember to wish mummy Happy Mother's Day ok?" (Hehehe. Cheapskate or not ths mommy? My daughter's lessons in life include lessons on how to appreciate people including her own mommy. Hehe. Excuses...excuses. Lame reason for telling her.)

And so, the next day.... "Happy Mother's Day mummy. I love you. I want to give you flowers mummy" (Hands me a bunch of coloured finger puppets held together to look like a bunch of flowers.)

And throughout the day, it was "Happy Mother's Day. Its mother's day, you cannot do that/daddy cannot do that/you must hold your flowers/are you holding your flowers mummy/why are you looking sad" Hahaha. She wished me a dozen and more times and hugged me and told me she loved me throughout the day while giving me her adorable bashful and pleased look. Lol!

And at the end of the day, when I told her that Mother's Day will be over the next day as it is for one day only, she asked innocently "Mummy, tomorrow Mother's Day is over, can I still hug you?"

We also spoke about Father's Day and we planned to make a card together for her daddy. "What present shall I give daddy?" she asks. I told her that she'll have to wait till she was older and have some money before she can buy presents. "But you have a brush" she says. All because that Mr MG told her that the carpet brush he bought when we went to the hardware store together was my Mother's Day present. (*rolls eyes*). In "retaliation", I told Mr MG that I shall brush the carpet for him on Father's Day since he likes to lie on the carpet on throw cushions to watch TV. Hehehe.

We didn't do anything special on Mother's Day but it was still a special day nevertheless.


  1. Awwww....that is the sweetest and cutest thing what your daughter did! Never too young to be taught to value us mummies, huh? Happy Mother's Day, Mumsgather!

  2. Your gril is sooooooo cute and sweet...she melts my heart...

    Damien wished me Happy Mother's Day too, when the daddy asked him to do so, more for the sake of saying than anything...haha..but still, it felt good..;p

  3. Ha! Ha! I reminded my boys the night before to wish mummy 'Happy Mother's Day' too!!!!

  4. hehe...so nice, she actually made sure that you are all jolly good happy the whole day.

    good idea for brushing the carpet :P

  5. So sweet.

    Yah, next time I have to remind my girls, otherwise the daddy will not remember to say and tell the girls to say. hubby forgot everything even though we brough MIL out for lunch, not until evening he saw the TV commercial baru remember to wish me *roll eye*, yah... if not because of the TV COMMERCIAL.

  6. Very very cute. Definitely makes the day special. Such warm fuzzies.

  7. bkworm,
    I thought she was too young but tried my "luck" anyway by telling her and it seemed like she understood what the day is all about afterall. :)

    "but still, it felt good.."

    Oh! You're thick skinned too. I'm not alone. Yippee!

    Well last year, I got a juicer (by coincidence as it was close to mother's day) so he got juice for father's day so this year since I got carpet brush he gets a clean carpet loh!

    Have to be thick skinned one. If have to rely on the hubby susah lah. Mine oso didn't wish me. He was only too happy when I told him that we'll let the kids celebrate for us when they're older. So we went about our usual routine and we even went to the hardware store in the evening. So if I didn't inform my girl myself, nobody will wish me loh. Hahaha.

    Yes. She still remembered this morning when she woke up the first thing she said to me was "Mother's day over. Next month Father's Day." :)

  8. so sweet...get wishes and hugs throughout the day!

    i 4got to tell my girl about mother's day. :(

    next year... :D

  9. So sweet. It's good to make them understand the meanings of these days and how to appreciate people :)

  10. Yr girl is really too too too too sweet..

  11. a&a'smom5:47 PM, May 15, 2006

    U have a lovely girl there. She is indeed so loving! My elder boy made me a card & afterthat me & boys made breakfast together. Hehehe they might be the next Jamie Oliver as they look for to Sundays as it's bfast making day together.

  12. So sweet, I can't wait for my kids to tell me that! Ha! I lagi cheapskate...

  13. you were the queen of the day during mother's day. that's nice.

  14. everyday can be mother's day yeah? esp when we change the baby's diapers hehehe.

    u're a great mom MG!!! proud of you!!!

  15. Awww, your girl is sweeter than honey!

  16. miche,
    Nvm, remember it next year. Hehe.

    Thats just my excuse for telling her, actually the real reason was I wanted to enjoy the day myself. Hahaha.

    zara's mama,
    So is Zara!

    That sounds like fun!

    Not as cheapskate as telling them to tell you! :P

    Yah. Hehe.

    You'll be changing those diapers again pretty soon.

    I must remember that when she is whining and beating baby! ;)

  17. your girl is so sweet ler. So afraid cannot hug u after mother's day.

    Bb wished me in the morning too. Guess what I get for mother's day? Haha...a full tank of petrol from his father. Nothing romantic but pretty happy. ;)


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