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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Give You Chance

My Girl is testing out another new word she learned ie "give chance"

MG: Mummy is very sleepy. Eyes cannot open already. Why don't you read by yourself a little bit longer and then rest when you're tired? (I usually ask her to "rest" instead of "sleep" or she would protest)

My Girl: Ok mummy. I give you chance to sleep.

Later at night, I overheard this.

Mr MG: (Oops! Cannot remember what exactly Mr MG was saying to her but her reply below)

My Girl: Ok daddy. I give you chance to play with your computer.

Come to think of it, I think she learned the word from me in the following past scenario.

MG: You better keep give baby back his toy now! I give you chance. I won't take out the stick (cane) yet.

Lol! I wonder what else she will give me a chance to do today. Hehehe.


After I blogged about this, I heard her using the new word again with her kong kong (grandpa)

Kong Kong: You can snatch the toy from baby but you cannot snatch it from me!

My Girl: Kong Kong, I give you chance. I give you chance to play with the toy, I play with other toys. (Lol! Smart. Retreat when she knows she can't win that fight.)


  1. I remember using that word when I was a boy!

  2. haha, oscar also like the word; but he use it the oher way like i ask him if he wants his food on the plate or bowl, he will reply no chance! oscar used it the wrong way for sure...give him chance to change!

  3. Yeah children mimic what adult say. They learn like a sponge at this age.

  4. LOL... my girls not yet learn this, guess I never give them chance LOL...

  5. so cute that she knows how to use that phrase now...

  6. egghead,
    Just you wait. LLS will start using it on you soon. Hehehe.

    Yah lah. Give chance to him lah. :)

    Their memories are awfully good too. Much better than ours for sure!

    Soon... very soon, when you least expect it, it will chance upon you.

    Yah, and she knows how to apply it well. Haha.

  7. So cute. I think the things that they say really bring smiles to our faces!!!

  8. magictree,
    Yah! I had a big smile... just before I fell asleep! Hehe.

  9. So cute, and smart your girl. :)

    Especially the part on giving chance to the gong gong..clever! ;)

  10. blurblur,
    She knows she couldn't win the argument with kong kong so pretend to give chance. hahaha.

  11. Very smart girl. Knows how to "sim".


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