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Friday, May 19, 2006

I am a Blogger

I tagged myself.

I AM a blogger
I JUST NOW went blog hopping
I WANT my own domain but can't afford it
I HATE comment spam
I MISS not blogging when my PC/server is down/unavailable
I FEAR losing my entire blog
I HEAR that in the world of blogging "TMI" can be dangerous
I REGRET not starting a blog earlier
I AM NOT as talkative as I am on my blog
I SING when I blog sometimes
I CRY when I read sentimental blogs
I AM NOT ALWAYS ranting on my blog, preferring to focus on the positive
I MADE my own template through trial and error, copy and paste
I WRITE a post a day accept weekends
I CONFUSE myself when I leave too many comments
I NEED more comments
I SHOULD blog less
I START to blog my first post on Friday, Sept 17, 2004
I FINISH this meme and
I TAG anyone else out there who is a blogger!

I find this meme fun, so go ahead and do it if you find it fun too.


  1. I like this tag very much!
    Hope can tag myself well in my blog soon!

    I fear to lost my blog's content too!

  2. wah, MG, another 4 mths and it will be 2 years of blogging... times sure flies!

  3. You sing when you blog? Talk about good multi tasking...hahaha. More power to you MG.

  4. I also tag myself after reading yours.

    I like your blog, and wow.. u have been blogging for so long liao!!

  5. Blog domain is affordable. I can get for you for RM90++ per year for the domain name and 250MB of space with 2.5G bandwidth per month and all the software required (incl wordpress). Ping me if you are interested.

  6. hui sia,
    Faster do then I come and read about you. (accept weekend) Hehe.

    Really ah. I thought I just celebrated my blog first year anniversary. My goodness. Time does fly. You've been blogging a while now too. I still remember your bart simpson profile face. Hehe.

    sarah's mummy,
    I also nag, scold, shout, play and talk to the kids when I blog. Haha.

    We all thick skinned. Tag ourselves. :P

    Mr MG doesn't share my love for blogging lah so if I ask him for money to pay for my own domain he sure say I siao! He won't even let me put ads on my blog but he leaves me alone to blog even though he doesn't support it so can't complain too much lah.

  7. yeah, this tag is quite fun to do.

  8. tsk tsk tsk, u're a blog addict MG hehehe.

  9. Wah you like to blog so much :) I also scare my blog will gone 1 day, try to ask someone how to save the blog but all so complicated..haiz.

  10. hi..came across yur blog thru sentraal station..do u mind if i tagged myself?? sound cam interesting..

  11. king's wife,
    Fun and easy.



    Go ahead and tag yourself too. I did! :P


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