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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Simple Pleasures of Life

I got tagged by King's wife and Yvy to do this meme. Yvy said "wah!!!! how sweet n nice. then this tag must be VERY appropriate. " Haha. She probably expected a mushy mushy post from me. Sorry Yvy. No mushyness and since this will only take me about 5 minutes to do, here it is.

Name 10 of Life’s Simple Pleasures, and tag 10 other poor sods to recall theirs. The catch: Try to be original and not use things that others have already mentioned.

My 10 simple pleasures in life are.......

  1. To sleep uninterrupted
  2. To eat uninterrupted
  3. To bathe uninterrupted
  4. To read uninterrupted
  5. To watch tv/vcd/dvd uninterrupted
  6. To go to the toilet uninterrupted
  7. To talk to the hubby uninterrupted
  8. To talk on the phone uninterrupted
  9. To have a good romp uninterrupted, nope, that should be, to have a good romp knowing there is no chance you will be interrupted
  10. To write this uninterrupted.

There you go. Very easy! When you have to care for two little ones full time at home, the simple things in life, nope, that should be the very basic things in life becomes the simple pleasures of life! Anything else, is a luxury! It would be a pleasure indeed to do things in a leisurely manner without rush nor worries about health, money or time or being interrupted!

Err...... I'm about to be interrupted now so I won't be tagging anyone but by all means, feel free to tag yourself if you want to talk about your simple pleasures in life.


  1. *decided not to interrupt by commenting*

  2. Hee hee...how true, to do anything without being interrupted is simply pure pleasure...i learn this too after becoming a mother..;p

  3. To have a good romp! Hmm.. that's quite demanding.. b'cos it has to be GOOD.

    It is indeed little pleasure that we sometimes miss..

  4. egghead,
    but you just interrupted!

    Yes you are right.... we become interrupted after becoming a mother.

    zara's mama,
    These days, romp need to be scheduled! Nvmlah scheduled romp can still be just as good as spontaneous romp if not for the interruption or the threat of interruption Hahaha.

  5. Few more years later, you can enjoy those uninterrupted! They will busy to do their own stuffs and forget their parents!

  6. aiyoyo....liddat oso can?? lol :P but it's true lar. u know, reading ur blog can be 2 things for one who doesnt have a kid.

    on one hand, i find it inspiring to see how u bring ur kids up n to share their antics as u tell them to us. on the other hand, when u tell us abt the harship n problems u face, i feel like i just wanna run away!!!

    but all in all, it's a GREAT site, really. i may not comment often nor drop by often [honesty is the best policy] but when i do come by, i always end up reading the best bits. :)

    keep it up n thanks for contributing to this. :)

  7. hui sia,
    Then we'll probably be the ones interrupting them!

    Haha. You takut already ah? So better enjoy your two's a company first before it becomes three's a crowd yes?

  8. I have to say that I share all the 10 simple pleasures in life of yours. guess that is life for us mummies with young tots where simple pleasures becomes our basic and most desired pleasures.

    Enjoy reading your blog.

  9. Enjoy all the interruptions now. I know it can be tiring but you have them around you 24/7.
    They won't have to interrupt in the very near future and you may even see less of them. My son is in Melbourne for gap year and he comes home on Sunday after a year. Then he is off to university, so we will only see him during holidays. My daughter is forever busy with school work, choir, friends, parties....and spends whatever spare time she has with us watching dvd, shopping and going for breakfast together.
    Seize the moment.


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