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Friday, May 26, 2006

I remember...

  • I remember our registration.......
  • I remember five years ago today we got registered
  • I remember we chose to have our wedding ceremony the next day so we can celebrate at the stroke of midnight instead of wondering which date to consider our wedding day
  • I remember we had the ceremony date engraved on our rings to help us remember
  • I remember we were one of the oldest couples waiting for our turn (the rest were SYTs and there was even a pregnant SYT!)
  • I remember the lady who made us take our sumpah (oath) looked so stern and spoke down to us like she was a school headmistress scolding little children and we tried so hard to stiffle our laughter
  • I remember sewing little glass beads and flowers on the little white dress I bought for the occassion and waking up early to curl my hair
  • I remember we chose to get registered at the Thean Hou temple so at least we could have a nice backdrop for photos, a little bit of ambience instead of feeling like being at just any other government office, so unromantic without the feel and mood of a wedding
  • I remember our wedding ceremony and dinner.........
  • I remember hanging up my wedding gown at my room window, admiring it and thinking "Wow! This is the day!"
  • I remember you bought me a pair of white silk pyjamas to wear on the eve of our wedding
  • I remember laughing so hard and enjoying ourselves so much during our wedding tea ceremony
  • I remember in terms of wedding attire we had a white wedding at my place (bridal side) and a traditional red one at yours (grooms side). Both were equally nice.
  • I remember running around the garden with the two flower girls in tow posing for pictures
  • I remember feeling grand (all dressed up) and a little bit excited during our wedding dinner
  • I remember wanting to walk down the aisle in white gown, tiara and veil (even though we didn't get married at a church) and so thats what we did during our dinner with flower girls and all
  • I remember to jot all this down before I get grey and forget some of this

Once there was you and there was me. And then we became us. And now just 5 years after becoming us, we have two little extensions of us. And to celebrate the 5th year of us becoming us, we shall include in our celebrations the two little extensions of us because its what makes us even more complete. (Because theres no one to watch them! Hehe.) I am sooooo looking forward to it!


  1. looks like you gonna plan for a really special kind of anniversary celebrations hor?

    Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary. Nice to remember the day, isn't it. So,what's special today? ;)

  3. Wow..! congrats.. MG..!!
    Have some really fabulous memories.. today... and everyday.. of the week.. ;)

  4. This is lovely :)...

    Happy Wedding Anniversary :).

    Psst...I set this as an example of my wedding anniversary post as well, OK ah? still 6 months to go ;).

  5. Happy 5th Anniversary! Many blessed years ahead!

    That was a lovely post...just in time for me to remember what i did 6 years ago! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary!!

    Wow.. you remember so many things! I have to see if I can recall any. :P Mine was 8yrs ago, so I have more excuse to 'forget'.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Hubby and I registered in Tian Hou Temple as well and this is going to be our 5th year together too. :)

  8. a&a'smom2:38 PM, May 26, 2006

    Happy Anniv & many many many more to come ya!

    Hahaha, pregnant SYTS!

  9. Happy 5th Anniversary!! How are you guys going to celebrate leh?

  10. egghead,
    No lar, not really.

    Thank you.

    Mr MG doesn't cook like your hubby so got no specialty food for the occassion. ;)

    ....everyday of the week and year too. :)

    You are too busy taking photos until have to copy and paste blog liao. Hahaha.

    Happy Anniversary to you too!

    zara'a mama,
    You better write it down too before you forget even more things. Lol!

    *shake hands*

    a&a's mom,
    Yes, pregnant SYT. No kidding. :P

    Not as romantic as you ler.

  11. Nice post! Happy Anniversary!

  12. Sigh! Such sweet memories. Happy Anniversary! And many more to come ya? (anniversaries and extensions).

  13. Happy Anniversary! @>-->---, a rose from me.

  14. Good memory wor..can remember so much.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Ps: U've been tagged. Pls remember to do. :)

  15. MG!! Happy Anniversary!!

    Reading your post brought tears in my eye...so sweet and sentimental you sound..I especially love the last paragragh.

    My 9th anniversary is coming up soon, and I had been thinking of how to pay tribute to my sweetheart for making the past 9 years such an enriching and blessed 9 years. Thanks for the inspiration! *hugs*

  16. Happy Anniversary MG! I had tears in my eyes reading this post. I felt the love oozing out of ur writing. Congratulations on the happy return of the day.

  17. awww... this is just too sweet. it sounds like my dream wedding.. almost! Happy Anniversary MG and Mr MG. May you have lots and lots more!

  18. I love to see some pictures of this lovely family of yours,,, it's possible??

  19. Hehe, i like to read this "Because theres no one to watch them! "...and due to this reason and make the celebration more complete! :p

    Happy Anniversary to you!

  20. mg, happy Wooden anniversary.

    (5th year : wood, 25th silver...)

  21. Happy Anniversary!! We register at Thean Hou Temple, too bad didn't remember to take any photos :(

  22. wah!!!! how sweet n nice. then this tag must be VERY appropriate. :) i know u dont really like tags much but this one is nice. :)

  23. shoppingmum,

    Same to you... the many anniversaries and extensions part. Wait a minute, you've got another extension on the way already. :)

    Thats a nice rose! :)

    king's wife,
    5 years only wor so still remember loh, later on dunno...

    An enriching and blessed 9 years.. you are blessed indeed! :)

    sarah's mummy,
    Hehe. Yah, it was indeed a happy return of the day.

    We didn't know the customs very well, thats why so much laughter :P

    I don't post pictures for a reason. Privacy. So no pictures to accompany my posts. Boring eh?

    hui sia,
    It makes us happy to see them happy so no problems at all altho some may call it unromantic. Hahaha.

    So... where's my wooden gift? Heheh.

    Thank you!

    j said,
    Maybe that time no digicam but now you've got lots of LLS photos to make up! :)

    Me thinks King's wife tagged me too. So must make doubly sure I do it yah? But wait first, now no time to read it yet even. :P

  24. Happy Anniversary! A tad late..but got good excuse, not in town mah! :)


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