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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Moving on to two worded mini sentences

Recently baby went for a jab at the paeditrician who asked "Has he started combining his words?" A bit worried we started to talk to him more and as if on cue, he started speaking in two worded mini sentences soon after. Here are some of his favourites...

  • "bue car" (blue car) - Referring to his favourite car which he must have each night before he sleeps. No other car will do.
  • "Not nice" - Give him any other car other than his "bue car" will be met with this phrase "Not nice"
  • "Bye dy" (bye daddy) - He can say "bye bye" and "daddy" quite clearly now but combined together it comes out as "bye dy"
  • "No more" - this has been a long time favourite of his when he finishes a drink/his milk or when the credits roll at the end of a show. (Hey! As a matter of fact, he has said this before the paed visit but I forgot)

They sound, look, walk, talk and babble still, fall asleep etc in such an adorable manner at this age......ie the "lovely twos." (Why do people call it the "terrible twos")

For the record, baby had his afternoon nap for the first time yesterday without his breastfeed. Good! I hope he is on the way to self-weaning. I left him and my girl to play on their own for a while and when I went to check on them, he was fast asleep and my girl was piling pillows and trying to climb up the wall to look at whats on the top cupboard shelf (*rolls eyes*).


  1. "No more" - that used to be one of Damien's first '2-worded words'..i miss his baby days too..now he's like a 'machine gun' that talks non-stop...:x

  2. isnt he so cute? he will talk sooner than u think!

    ps - i tired tired also got time to blog hop!

  3. One of bb's favourite is also "Not Nice" I think it should be called the "lovely twos" :)

    Whao, so clever ur girl, knows how to stack pillow to look for things...

  4. I heard of Angelic Three but not Lovely Twos. But who am I kidding? I think you must be very blessed...

  5. "OK, now di-di sleep already, is MY time,no one can tell tale to mommy, let me see what is up there..."


    Yah, two was the fun time, I used to said amazing two, never terrible two. incredible two may be :D

  6. blurblur,
    Machine gun still as cute as ever!

    Hehe. You take care of yourself but its true, sick, moody, lazy or whatever usually still can blog hop a little bit. :P

    I'm only worried about her stacking the pillows over baby brother. Have to watch those fellas all the time to make sure they don't get into that kind of mischief.

    They do get whiny at times and have temper tantrums some of the time at this age as they struggle with their new found self identity and emotions but they are just so so adorable at this age so why concentrate on the negatives? I prefer to call it "Lovely twos!" :)

    Ok. so we have the Amazing or Incredible twos and now we have the fun threes. Aiyah! Every age oso fun lah! kekekeke

  7. Your boy doesn't throw tantrum?? I heard when one reaches 2 there'll be lots of tantrums.. that's why terrible twos.

    If there's none.. thn I guess it's blisful and lovely two then. :P

  8. zara's mama,
    My boy hasn't really started to throw tantrums yet although he likes to merajuk a lot. I love to see his merajuk face, very funny. As for my girl she only started tantrums closer to age 3. Even then, her tantrums are rather mild and can easily be averted by distractions. Once I saw a kid lying down on the floor in a supermarket throwing a big tantrum and refusing to budge and I read that during the terrible twos that is a norm. Wow, I thought that would be embarassing! Hahaha. But as it turned out so far it hasn't happened. I find that temper tantrums usually happen when they are tired, hungry or bored so if you prevent those from happening the tantrums don't happen. So its not like what they say in the books that its such a norm.

  9. They are very adorable.. two or more, right :)

    Luckily you caught her before she climb the pillow!

  10. a&a'smom6:20 PM, May 11, 2006

    Congrats on the new milestone!

  11. Usually at what age they combine the words? My son almost 26months, but baby language still the most.

  12. I soooo enjoy listening to them talk at this age. So very very cute. Don't forget to get it on tape, video or whatever. It would serve as a wonderful memory.
    When learning dinosaur names, my Damus sounded so funny. My favorite was Parasaurolophus. He said it as Rararararofus. Hahahaha.

  13. I like this age of kids, they are so adorable. Somemore i got 2, double fun.

  14. mumsgather, soon it'll be 'not fair!' anyway, Happy mother's Day!

  15. geetha,
    Pillows were piled up on the bed so not so bad. :P

    I love watching new milestones!

    hui sia,
    Mine is 24 months and mostly baby language as well. My paed asked about it but she didn't seem too worried especially when he waved bye bye to her before leaving.

    Hahaha. Thats cute. Did you get it down on record?

    Yes, thats great isn't it? Double the work but double the fun too!

    kak teh,
    Ooohh. "Not fair!" I await the day in anticipation. :)


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