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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bedtime Story: The Castle

MG: Shall we talk about what we did today?

My Girl: Ok

MG: Well, this morning when we woke up, daddy and mummy said we will go to the castle. And so, we drove out in our car but then we got lost. So we followed the "map". "Map" said we had to drive pass some tall trees, go pass a toll booth and climb the tall mountain to find the castle. At last we found the castle and we had to walk over the castle's drawbridge to reach the castle. Do you remember what we saw on the river below the bridge?

My Girl: We saw swans.

MG: Yes, thats right. How many?

My Girl: We saw 4 swans.

MG: Yes. We saw 2 black swans and 2 white swans. They were beautiful weren't they? Thats how the ugly duckling looked when he grew up you know. After that we walked around the castle, then we took the open air bus to the top of the mountain. Up and up we climbed.... At the top of the mountain, we saw the jungle and lots of flowers. Do you remember the sweet pink roses, as sweet as you? We saw pink flowers, yellow flowers, white flowers, big purple flowers and tiny little purple flowers too. We heard the animal sounds in the jungle including the monkeys didn't we? Then we ate at the restaurant in the middle of the jungle before we took the bus back to the castle. It was so windy. The wind blew the hair from our faces. It made you and baby laugh so hard. Did you enjoy the bus ride?

My Girl: Yes

MG: After that we hopped into our car and drove down to the rabbit farm. You and baby fed the rabbits. Which rabbits did you like?

My Girl: I like the white rabbits. The black ones ran away. Why mummy?

MG: Maybe they were a bit shy and scared of people. The white ones were more brave. After that we went to see Rudolf the rednosed reindeer and the donkey from the Good Old Animals story, yes? Then it was time to go home but you and baby didn't want to go home yet so daddy said it was ok and took us back to the castle. At the castle you and baby played in the slides with the big pool of balls. Then we threw coins into the wishing well and ate ice-cream and coconut water. You know, thats how coconuts from the coconut tree looks like. After that we came home. Now its time to go to sleep as we have to rest so we can go to the mall tomorrow.

My Girl: Mummy, how come today we went to the castle and we didn't go to the mall?

MG: Because today is a very special day. Its the day mummy and daddy is married for 5 years. (points to the wedding photo at the top of the bed) just like your birthday when you turned 4 years old. Ok. Goodnight now.

"One of the best things we can do for our kids is to love one another and to show them that its nice to celebrate that love."

(Picture of the castle from the bedtime story inset)


  1. sounds like you all went to the fairytale land for your anniversary! :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. How grand! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun.

  3. Wow, that place looks nice..where is it btw? ;)

    I like the way you create your own bedtime story based on your day spent at the castle, very innovative!

    And i'm sure you all had lots of fun on your anniversary! :))

  4. the castle photo seem like taken from Colmar Tropicana ler? issit?

    Very creative bed time story!

  5. Wah.. a fairy tale wedding annivesary celebration!!

    Happy Anniversary.

    Btw, how come your girl didn't demand that you all spend a night at the castle?

  6. Very imaginative indeed. Good way to wrap up an outing.. with a nice remeberance story.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary :)

  7. egghead,
    Sounds like it only ;)

    Yes we did. :)

    Its the Bukit Tinggi Resort in Pahang. Its ok for day trippers but looks a lot better on its website.

    You are right. Bluff my girl to create more excitement, tell her going to real castle. Haha.

    Thank you.

    zara's mama,
    Shhh... She didn't know there were rooms... otherwise... she's always bugging us to "go to hotel".

    I like to chat with my girl about her day and when her day is more than its usual routine, there's more to chat about.

  8. This is a good bedtime story for your gals since she has felt it real.

    Happy Anniversary to you!

  9. Sounds like Bukit Tinggi also. :D

  10. Bukit Tinggi resort, sweet memory for me too.. that is really a magical place to celebrate our love with our family..

    Happy belated anniversary!

  11. hui sia,
    Children are easily fascinated and ordinary things seem magical to them sometimes.

    Yeah, it was.

    I prefer the Japanese tea house to the French Village as it was cooler there :)


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