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Monday, May 22, 2006

Time flies

Four years ago, we became parents for the first time ever. What an exciting experience and joyful journey though sometimes frought with stress and worry.

Yesterday my girl turned 4. As usual we kept it simple. My kids have never known a big celebration, not even for the full moon (ie. the first month after birth). Its always just us and at the most with grandpa or one or two aunts as an additional guest. No big party at McDonalds, no caterers, no special home parties with clowns and lots of presents. Still, I think they enjoy themselves.

Three weeks ago, we started the countdown. Everyday, my girl would put a cross on the desk calander to count how many days to go to her birthday. We did birthday crafts. She did her own Happy Birthday banner with crayons, decorated with flowers and stars glitter stickers.

Yesterday, we did our normal Sunday routine, went to the park and packed some breakfast home. We stopped by the bakery for her to choose her own cake and party hats. She chose two Hello Kitty toys to be put on top of her cake instead. Mummy saw them decorating the freshly baked American Chocolate cake and said "I want that" so we got a cake fresh out of the oven. Yippee!

Back home, Mummy bathed and washed the kids hair. My girl asked daddy to dry her hair for her and she chose to wear her Chinese New Year cheongsam. We blew up balloons after that, hung them up and stuck her banners on the wall. Then it was time to sing the birthday song, blow the candles and cut the cake. The stupid videocam kaput so we had to rely on the digicam instead. We had cake and ribena for lunch!

We teased her by giving her a small book for her present but she did not complain even though she had hoped to have a tunnel to play with. Later on, we brought out the real present, a pop out canvas tunnel and camp. She loved it. So did baby. Mummy tried to crawl into the tunnel too but got stuck halfway and had to crawl out backwards!

At naptime, mummy read her new book for her "Storytime for 4 year olds". In the evening we continued with our Sunday ritual. Took the kids out to pack dinner at a nearby shopping complex. The kids enjoyed a kiddy ride on a small train which ran around and around a small track. The kiddy ride is more worthwhile when you have two kids as they can share the ride!

At night she played with her tunnel some more before mummy packed it up and call it a day. All in all a very small but lovely birthday celebration. Coming next week, my 5th wedding anniversary. I have no ideas how to celebrate it. Any ideas?


  1. Such a simple and meaningful party!

  2. A birthday with the family.. it is the best celebration for her.

    My hubby prepared a suprise breakfast for me (prepared toast and tea, as well as 'nasi lemak' and some kuih from shop) on our 3rd wedding anniversary :)

  3. I think is much more meaningful to celebrate as a family rather tahn big party. Even more memorable when she is the one who help to draw the banner!

  4. Aww...MG, ur like the perfect family out of Hallmark. Happy belated birthday to your little girl. I alredy know that her day was the sweetest from the beginning till the end. Hoping for a wonderful year ahead of her.

    Anniversary huh? Check urself into a nice hotel like the avillion at PD. We did that for our anniversary last year and I got unexpectedly pregnant..hehehe, consider urself warned. ;). I was reading one of my must read blogs and a blogger was describing how cyberview lodge did something special for them just because it ws their anniversary. Just can't figure out who.

  5. Happy belated B'day to your little girl!

    For anniversary, maybe you can send the children to a relative/friend. Spend a day doing nothing or anything with the hubby. Like most of us here have suggested, maybe go make baby #3...lol! *running away from MG before kena sepak by her*

  6. Happy birthday to your girl. And hahahaha, the image of kena gostan balik is funny.

  7. Happy belated Birthday to your girl! :)

    I too prefer a birthday celebration for Damien with immediate families rather than a 'big' one!

    Hey, we're celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary this weekend! No concrete plans yet though...maybe i can 'steal' the suggestions here..hehehe..;p

  8. Happy 4th B'day to your girl!
    I am sure she had a great time!

  9. Happy Birthday to your girl :).

    I prefer to keep the birthday party to closed family member too, I don't wish them expect a lot (presents) on their birthday.

  10. hui sia,
    Their parties always simple. Now while they are young they are happy about it but I wonder what will happen when they go to school and face some peer pressure for a bigger party.

    Lucky you. Mine doesn't cook.
    Maybe he can cook some maggi mee curry flavour for me. Hahaha.

    contented mum,
    I think she enjoyed the run up to and preparation for her birthday just as much and it gave us some enjoyable activities to do together.

    sarah's mummy,
    Wow! Sounds lovely. You got me daydreaming.

    Afterwards I hantam and cekik you than only you know!

    Yah! Laugh! You'd probably have to gostan too. Haha.

    Oh, you'll be celebrating this weekend too? Happy Anniverary to you.

    Thanks. :)

    Worse still if get presents of toys they already own, dunno what to do with them.

  11. My kids too never had big parties and its always a small family affair from full moom onwards. "Small" usually is inclusive of grandma only. On Ryan's 4th birthday, we brought him to McD & just a simple meal had him smiling the whole day. Said he had fun. These are the moments u can really treasure...

    Btw, if u take up Sarah Mummy's suggestion, don't forget it comes with a warning ;)

  12. a&a'smom1:25 PM, May 22, 2006

    Do convey our bday greetings to ur Princess ya. Also my advance Anniv greetings to you.

  13. Happy belated b'day to ur girl.
    It was a lovely little party.

  14. hehe, i lurve tunnels too but too fat in the middle liao, yikes! wedding anni present? tie yourself in a ribbon, hehehe :D

  15. You are so creative with your daugther's 4th birthday.. I'm sure you'll be creative to come out with something sexy and romantic for your anniversary.

    Btw, do you have someone to baby sit the kids if you need to?

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to your gal!!

  17. immomsdaughter,
    We are bad, go to McD once a week so its no longer a thrill. :P

    a&a'smom, mama22beas,
    Thank you.

    Tie in ribbon? I remember during my first anniversary, hubby wanted to tie my girl in ribbon and hand over to me wor.....cos she was one week old at the time. Men!

    zara's mama,
    Don't really have anyone to babysit so have to include the kids but thats ok cos we are happy to be around them and being happy on anniversary is good with or without the kids. Hehe.

    Thank you.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday to you girl :)

    As for anniversary plan, my last year's anniversary just went by without a peep LOL, sorry cant help you there :P

  19. why not pix wan? :( must put lar... n birthday kisses to the birthday girl. never to late to give lots of love n hugs. :D

  20. appy Birthday....Happy Birthday...sorry ..ah this auntie is always late.!!!!

  21. sue,
    :) Married for how many years?

    Thanks for your love n hugs :)

    Oh, I posted this after the event, so you are not late lah.

  22. So nice to be parent! How I wish I have one child for myself!

    Happy birthday to your girl!

    You are one of the mummy blogger I stalked regularly!!!


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