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Monday, May 08, 2006

Does your spouse rule what you wear?

Does your husband/wife, bf/gf rule/influence what you wear?

Mine does, I think, to a certain extent. We usually shop together anyway and if he shakes his head vigorously to some outfit I try, I would ditch it. He does the same for me when I shake my head vigorously. Now I'm curious about other people. If your spouse dislikes something you like, would you go ahead and buy it anyway? Or does he/she give an opinion to begin with?

I think its different strokes for different folks. I have two sisters. The elder is like me, shops with hubby and takes into account what he likes. The second is very different, shops usually on her own and buys what she likes. Eldest sis once joked that the downside of not buying whatever she feels like is the upside of having the hubby notice.

My taste and hubby's are somewhat alike so we don't have many problems. Even then, I remember I had a favourite blue dress which hubby hated. I would wear it nevertheless and it never failed to raise an argument! Hahaha. All over one blue dress. Its so silly!

I basically go for what I like but I would take hubby's tastes and likes/dislikes into consideration. Its not hard since I know him well and we have the same taste. I don't find it necessary to exert my individualism to the extent of wearing something that hubby dislikes (except for that blue dress, it was so comfy). Afterall, he does the same for me too! And besides I'm happy if he's pleased.


  1. Same here. I will go with whatever he says is 'ok'. While I try some clothes, he will even walk around for anything that he thinks is nice for me.. :)

  2. emm... I used to just wear whatever I like, I never like to shopping with others, I just buy what I think is nice and wear. but after pak-tor whole thing changed, Twinsdad opposite of me, has to ask me before he buy any cloth and shoe, and I also got use to giving advice. so till now I still shop for cloth alone, but he has to have me to tag along, otherwise he doesn't know what to buy, well, suit me LOL...

  3. geetha,
    Same same. Mr MG usually goes around and takes more stuff for me to try or I'd ask him to get me a different size or colour etc and he is sweet enough to do it. If I were him, I'd hate to go shopping with me as I'm very picky and fickle.

    Mr MG is the same as twinsdad. Likes to ask for my opinion and thats fine with me! Hehe.

  4. Usually i buy whatever i like, so far my hubby didn't make noise on it.

    I think my hubby is like Twinsdad, he will ask my opinion before he does anything. Even, the hairstyle he also asked for my opinion.

  5. one thing for sure, i dont shop for clothes with my husband. i buy the clothes, out them on and give comments. so far, he has nvr given any strong opinions on what i wear or if he does, he would just say 'looks....different?'.

    but he nvr tells me not to wear what i like as he says that makes me me!

  6. When shopping with hubby, usually will ask his opinion. If he says ok..then I buy. He got more "taste" than me hence he's my fashion adviser. If shop with my SILs, then hubby will just keep quiet and let SIL do the adviser's job.

    Hubby buys all his cloths, shoe, wallet for himself. Whatever I buy seems not up to his "taste".

  7. Seldom shop together with hubby these days. In fact, I'm the one who buy his, Justin and baby's clothes. So, I make most of the choices. Luckily he's very cincai and has no problem with the things I bought, of coz, cannot go out of budget lah...

  8. My hubby has learnt to stay outside the store while I shop. I'm quite picky when comes to shopping; hence, taking a long time to choose even it's just for one outfit.

    He on the other hand needs me to be with him. He doesn't fancy shopping (for clothes) and I can't seem to make him part way with his old clothes.

  9. We both share our opinion when we go buy cloth..hehe..if not nice when i wear sure will not buy lar.

  10. hui sia,
    Looks like a lot of men look to their spouses for guidance/approval on what to buy for themselves. hehe.

    "Looks .....different?" Lol! He's being very diplomatic.

    He's practising double standards. You don't mind?

    Thats why you are called shoppingmum! Hehehe.

    You're picky, just like me! Hehe. I always can't seem to decide and take ages to pick. :P

  11. 1+2mom,
    We like to exchange opinions too. :)

  12. Same here. We shop for clothes together. I always ask my hubby's opinion on what to buy, so does he. After all, we do have the same taste on clothes.

  13. My other half have poor tastelah. So as long as I say nice, he sure say nice wan! But I still ask for him opinion.!

  14. oooo....ted doesnt mind what i wear but i seen to have this eagerness to choose his clothes for him. maybe coz i like to dress him up. however, i dont think he is amused when i ask him to try something out more than 3 times. lol :P

  15. khongfamily,
    It helps that you have the same taste. ;)

    Hahahahahahahaha. Thats funny!

    Lol! Poor Ted!

  16. I am like your second sister.
    But I guess king doesnt really bother cos he trusts my judgement.
    But sometimes, it's good to have a second opinion. My daughters are my harshest critics!

  17. i wear whatever i want and besides..hubs is ok with that...:)

  18. Nope, he doesn't say anything. Even 1 time, I wore my shirt inside out, he didn't even notice..sigh.

  19. king's wife,
    So do you critique them as well?

    Try a punk, rocker or gypsy look and see what happens? Heheh.

    Hahaha. Same goes for my second sis.

  20. Me? I always nod my head if he asks cos that man si-beh fussy and even after I nod head, he will still find something wrong with the shirt he is buying. As for me, I never ask his opinions, cos he 'nam yan tai cheong fu' won't say a thing, but he annoys me when after I had paid and bought the thing, he will comment about the materials, stitches, workmanship, you know lah, must make sure worth the value. So, my answer is NO.

  21. We shop together but I'll buy what I like, becos my hubby know my judgement. I work in garment factory before, so I know what suit me well. As fo hubby cloth, sometimes I will buy for him as he trust my taste too, of course I will select color that suitable for him (men design almost the same la, only the color is diff)...for my girls clothing, I am the decision maker too! :P

  22. For me, I would like him to agree with what I'm wearing (more like complimenting). If I like something so much but he doesn't, I'll stick to my choice..

    We are different individuals, it's difficult to agree 100%. It's the same about if I feel strongly for something, I won't be bothered about his comment.

  23. 5xmom,
    Haha. Your atm so particular about workmanship one ah? Good loh like dat. It means he chose his woman (you!) very particularly too.

    Ah! You're the family shopper like shopping mum.

    zara's mama,
    If there's something I really like and he doesn't I would still go for it but so far our taste so similar that we usually agree! (for his clothes as well as mine and the children's)

  24. hmmm...well, nothing makes me happier than the hubby liking what i wear and telling me im beautiful.
    I threw away my fav baju without a tinniest hessitation when the hubby hated it... :>
    but then hor, sometimes he's got wierd taste. :P

  25. fashionasia,
    "I threw away my fav baju without a tinniest hessitation when the hubby hated it... "
    Wah. Really? I put up a fight first... before throwing. Hahaha.


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