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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shopping with my girl

Its nice to have a girl to go shopping with. We have started going shopping together.

At the accessory shop

We go to the accessory shop together and she enjoys carrying those little baskets they give you to put the accessories that you want to buy in. She would carry the basket around, walk around with me and help me to pick.... the most colourful and bright accessories. "Mummy check this out" she would say or "Mummy! Come. Look at this purple one. Its nice!" Hahaha. (Mr MG told me she must have learned the term "check this out" from us when we tell each other to "check something out" while shopping.

At the clothing department

I bring her to the changing room to try outfits with me and she is happy to see me primping in front of the mirrors asking her opinion. "Is this nice?" "Do you like this colour?" and she always gives her opinion. "Mummy I like the blue one. Blue is my favourite colour." etc.

Although after a while of this, she would say "Mummy, I tired already. Why we walk around and around? Lets walk somewhere else" (like the toy department perhaps eh? After a while the ladies department becomes boring to a 4 year old.) Hahaha. (What to do? Mummy is very fickle minded and picky!)

At the supermarket

This one is reserved for Mr MG though. Usually I push baby in the trolley while he pushes my girl in another trolley. I buy the fresh food and vegetables while Mr MG buys the big items and staples like toilet paper, diapers, milk powder etc. Every week before we go grocery shopping Mr MG would take her around the house to see what needs to be bought. "Look. There are only 4 eggs left in the fridge. We will have to buy another 10 eggs. How many eggs will we have then?" (He's giving her a good maths lesson). "Look, theres no more spare bottle of ribena in the cupboard. We have to buy Ribena today." Then at the supermarket, she will remind him to buy the ribena. Its fun and they both enjoy it.

So I guess, I'm not the only one enjoying shopping with my girl ;) I wonder what it'll be like to shop with my boy when he grows a little older. At the moment he enjoys tearing up the grean leafy vegetables or digging his fingers into the watermelon in my shopping basket! (*rolls eyes*)


  1. normally we would grab a toy out of their shelf and leave it with our son in the trolley... then he will play with it throughout the shopping journey... then we would put it back after the shopping is done :)

  2. Yeah, I love to shop with my Wien, she will tell: mummy, this one very pretty hor! mummy, u wear this dress not nice ler etc etc...but she like to stop and watch what she like, which take some time, and I need to rush back as I scare Lyon will cry and look for us! *sigh*..if bring 2 out, then i rather stay at home lor!

  3. Sometimes I find it tough to shop with the boys, as they will have their moods, whether they wanna be quite in the trolley, or make us carry them!

    But when Champion wants something, he will tell us.. and when he gets it, he will put it in the trolley, and say "pay first.."

  4. Wah...I am so jealous lah! Bring my boys shopping means quickly grab everything and go home.

  5. yeah... girls defiantely a good shopping kaki, and hardly say tire too LOL... so good hor? I even better, got two, and they not need stroller since about 2 years old.

  6. egghead,
    Wah..good trick you have there.

    When you have two at different ages and development then its more tricky to handle yah?

    "Pay First!" Hahaha. Smart boy!

    Lol! You know, now I can shop a bit slower again. When they were younger, its grab and run too. Browsing is out of the question.

    You double happiness what so double the shopping fun mah. We do away with the stroller too as soon as they can walk waaay, waaaay before 2 years old for both of them. Its so much easier to go around without the stroller.

  7. it's no fun shopping with boys! :(

    How i envy you, go shopping with your girl, she can give very good opinion when she's older..damien is just like the daddy, ask him anything and he'll say: "nice, all very nice!" :x

  8. I want a daughter!!!
    Haha, your blog really make me wanna to chase for a girl.

  9. oh that's nice...i can't wait to be able to shop with my daughter...hang on..but then again..by then..i'd look back and miss the good old days when she was a baby...so what the heck,,,i might as well cherish whatever we have today...now...:)

    it's nice to be able to shop with your daughter eh?

  10. isnt that cute? my kids and i love going shopping together. BUT but but, i do not like it when they have agenda behind the window shopping. they will say they need new jeans, new clothes, new jackets and new Nikes. that part, i dont like hehehe.

  11. hehe so fun rite. So far I keep my girl busy when doing grocery with feeding her food, so that she won't start eyeing on the groceries

  12. blurblur,
    "nice, all very nice!" :x
    Hahaha. Next time your boys (hubby included) tells you that you buy everything up.

    hui sia,
    Then you gotta read this.

    Yes, do enjoy her baby years, how sweet, soft and adorable she is right now! :)

    My kids aren't very interested in food so I couldn't try that. :P

    Do their shopping taste ever clash with yours at this age?

  13. Isn't lovely to have little girls? You can shop with them and they give you the most honest of opinions especially in the fitting rooms! I think boys will be less inclined to that sort of thing but it will be good training for them when they have to go shopping with their girlfriends or wives someday. LOL!!

  14. bkworm,
    Lol! Hubby didn't have that training when young but he's still very patient shopping with me, luckily! :P

  15. Oh wow, sounds like a very fun family shopping day out. Daddy also take opportunities to teach her maths eh? So nice! No wonder she is so smart. :P

  16. allyfeel,
    Like most M'sians, lepak at the shopping complex is our regular family activity. :P


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