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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eavesdropping again

Overheard the kiddoes conversation while they were playing with the pop-up tunnel and tent. Nowadays they can hold quite complicated and long conversations compared to previously.

My Girl: Baby lie down like this. Put your legs straight. Nice or not? Happy or not?

My Boy: Not nice. Not nice.

My Girl: Baby you knock your head ah?

My Boy: Outside. Outside.

My Girl: Why you want to go outside?

My Boy: *Singing* Baby mine dun u cryyy"

My Girl: Happy happy happy. (Her favourite phrase)

My Boy: Happy (Baby is fast catching on the phrase too)

My Girl: Baby do the Dumbo wheeeee here at the tent

My Boy: Wheeeee dom!

My Girl: Baby do wheeeee dom! again. Baby come we go this side. Come. Come. Move. I want to sit, I want to sit here. You cannot sit here ah? If you don't want, then go outside, you sweating. Baby nevermind lah, I open this thing then got air, fresh air.

My Boy: Bye bye. Bye bye.

My Girl: Ok. Go and find daddy.

My Boy: Daddy, daddy.

My Girl: Call daddy louder.

My Boy: Daddy, daddeeeeee!

My Girl: Call daddy. Can you call daddy from work? Call daddy.

My Boy: Daddy?

I just love to listen to them play. (when they're not fighting that is!)


  1. is really fun listen to kids chatting ahh..I love to curi curi listen SQ talking too..altho I couldn't understand wat she say..but it just sound funny...
    hmm..maybe tat is y 2nd always speak faster then the 1st wan..since have jiejie/korkor to chitchat mah..hor?

  2. I think I am getting used to their language soon... maybe I am turning into a kid myself liao... LOL!

  3. yah... only when they are not fighting, when they are fighting, there is totally another story, which I don't wish to hear LOL...

  4. So cute.. but what is dumbo whee?

    Where did you get the pop up tent? Sounds so fun.. I want to get for Zara also.

  5. Cute conversation...i would 'eavesdrop' too if i were you..hehe..;)

    'Baby nevermind lah, I open this thing then got air, fresh air.' clever girl, know how to get fresh air..hehe...;)

  6. Sounds like your jie-jie is like my jie-jie. They have a natural knack of telling the brother what to say and do. And the little one so compliant also. Really, really cute, especially when they laugh at their own silly jokes. Don't you hope their relationship will stay this close forever?

  7. Cant wait to see what Ivan has to say to Izac when they start playing together ^_^ Bliss!

  8. msau,
    My 1st speak faster wor. Maybe girl is faster.

    Turning into kid or forever a kid?

    I oso dun wish to tell.

    zara's mama,
    Toysrus 1-U. Its nice becos its easy to keep away as my place is small, no space and the kids love it.

    Because we always tell her that we are ventilating the rooms to let in the fresh air when we open the windows.

    sarah's mummy,
    Mine too!

    Yes, I sure do!

    Yah! Its fun to listen to them as well as observe them in play together.

  9. So cute. I also like to listen to their conversation.. though one sided :)

  10. awww so cute..it's interesting to eavesdrop on their conversation..it's so sincere and innocent

  11. geetha,
    Theirs used to be one-sided too.

    Sincere and innocent - at this age yes, next time, I wonder how.

  12. yeah they are so cute when they play together. :)

  13. Thanks for sharing! I love their conversation too. So cute together!

  14. twin, vien,
    But not when they fight!

  15. Ya,they're so lovely when playing harmony there, but will be chaotic and horrible when they fight.


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