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Thursday, May 18, 2006

How to create a backup for your blog?

Does anyone know how to create a backup for an entire blog?

If you have a blog, I am sure that its contents are very precious to you. Afterall its a collection of your thoughts and observations at certain points in your life. So how do you create a proper backup of your entire blog?

If you're using blogger, there is a page which shows you how to do it here. But it sounds pretty complicated to me. I'm too lazy to try.

Previously I did not do any backup for my blog because I didn't know how. Then kind twinsmom taught me to key-in (File - Save As - "Filename") to backup my archives into my PC and so I hurriedly did it afraid that my blog would get hacked or something would go wrong and all my thoughts and blog entries would go Poof! up into smoke. The only problem is I have to do it every month. (You can also do a monthly archive backup by converting your url into pdf format using this HTMLDOC PDF-o-matic )

I found this tool BlogCollector which is supposed to turn your blog into a book. However the free version has its limitations. My blog has now been turned into a book in pdf format. It has 329 pages altogether with a cover, 15 pages of content and 308 blog posts but here's the catch:

  1. It takes a while to download
  2. Only 83 pages were fully captured (ie 63 of my latest posts, the rest contained titles and dates only)
  3. It converts into text only. No images or hyperlinks included.

Sorry, can't share my pdf "book" here as I don't know how to put in a link for that. I understand that one can also convert an entire blog into pdf using Adobe 7 but don't know how to do that as well or you can copy your entire weblog into your harddrive by using this website copier but I hate to download more stuff into my pc.

Aarrrgh... so I still have yet to find a solution to backup my blog. Have to stick to the (File-Save As-"filename") for now. Can anyone share with me how they do backups for their blogs? (especially those using hosting services like Blogger, maybe those with their own domain has a backup system in place)


  1. thanks for sharing. Have thought about backing up my blog, as I'm also very afraid it just goes PUFF and all gone with the wind. But I'm very lazy.. just want a simple way and easy way to backup. Hope someone can shed some lights on me. :)

  2. hmm, blogger has no auto backup option? and i thought other blogging platforms were hard. my hosting server crashed last month. gawd, it was painful. all gone. =(

  3. You will only need the back up if and only Google goes bankrupt. Even if their server do crash, they won't allow you to import any backups also. :P So, its just for you to "back up" so that you can read it offline gua. However, no harm doing the back ups though.

    MG, I remember you blogged about backing up our blog long time ago where you found a software that can back up all your posts, including pictures and links. Yeah, you were the one who found it, the software, that is. Perhaps, you might want to look through your archives.

    Yes, I'm pretty sure about this. :) You blogged about it before.

  4. thks for the tip.
    I tried Twinsmum's suggestion but cannot wor. Is it save as : web page or web archive? Either will give me an error message..cannot be saved into selected location.
    Aisay, I am such a geek with all these.

  5. Nowadays I'm typing out the posts in Word before posting em... this way I get to save a copy to my PC too...

    But your few other suggestions are great too :) I specially like the one which converts our blogs into a book ^_^

  6. Sounds so complicated all these.. but I have to figure out how to do it.. b'cos I want to keep it for Zara so that she can read when she's older.

    Thanks for sharing.. let me try to play with it one day.

    Nowadays, what I do is after every month, I print the entries out.. thinking of binding them..

  7. I found a software to backup my blog very long time ago liao...hehe..
    maybe u can try this wan..

    come! come! my blog!

    sorry ah MG..borrow sikit traffic ahh...:p

  8. sorry ahh...hehe....click website copier link baru tahu..u oledi found it..:p

  9. Cool tip. I have always wanted to save it for my boys. Now I can save a soft copy for them.. Thank :)

  10. Wow..thanks for sharing. I didn't do any backup so far...should move my bum and get it done..i'm just plain lazy lah..;p

    Yeah, like the idea of 'converting' our blog into a book, sounds cool! :)

  11. Hi everyone,
    Here's my incomplete book!
    in pdf format. Beware its a big file. And while searching for more ways to backup my blog I found this method! which I tried and was really easy but its still incomplete. Oh bother!

    I'm lazy too and still searching for an easy way. Hope to receive some light too.

    Aw shucks! That must have hurt!

    Got meh? I may be getting on but I'm sure I'll remember such a post.

    king's wife,
    Haha. I didn't even realise they give you a choice so I just picked the first choice which is "web page". So blur....

    If start a business to help others print, publish and bind their blog into beautiful books with glossy pictures sure got business don't you think?

    zara's mama,
    You should. Yours has so many lovely pictures to go with the stories, too precious to go puff up into thin air.

    I haven't tried that because didn't want to download onto my pc. Good ah?

    I don't have a printer, otherwise I'd be printing hard copies for keepsakes! Haha.

    Yeah it sounds cool but that one only works if your blog is small, less than 100 posts maybe, unless you upgrade and pay.

  12. If you didn't mention it, I've never thought of saving a back-up for mine. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  13. i must say you just make my day!! thank you for the thought.

    i have been toying with the idea and worry about me accidentally delete my blog or any other reasons that beyond our control.

    i just bought an external 60GB hard disc drive (i'm not sure it's that what they call it) to double back-up my kids' photos (super kiasu-one set on dvd and one on hard disc drive).
    i will try the website copier to download my blog into the hard disc drive. thanks for the tips and will let you know the outcome. TQ.

  14. this is good one, sure will try it one day!
    me very poor on IT thingy in fact!

  15. vien,
    You're most welcome.

    two little fellas,
    Waiting for your review. Hehe.

    Me also very poor in IT but very good at copy and paste! Hahaha.

  16. Can BlogCollector work for MSN's Space since my previous blogs are using MSN.

  17. I never thought about "Backup" until you mentioned it in your blog. Hmmm..now I really have to find a way to backup my blogs since I have not many yet. Thanks, MG!

  18. Never knew we could backup our blog. Didn't even realize we had that feature in Blogger. Definitely good to know! Tx. :D

  19. hui sia,
    Yes, it supports MSN Spaces too but don't bother if your MSN Spaces blog is big or your "book" will be incomplete like mine :(

    Then you can try the blog collector. Its fun to see it in book form.

    sarah's mummy,
    The blogger feature seems like a complicated way of doing things. I wish they have an automatic backup function. If you try it, let me know the outcome, please.

  20. Dun mean to sound patronising but the best bet is to get your own domain. A URL costs RM35-38 per year. A small hosting is less then RM150. Then, you have the security of burning CD of all your files and you will not be at the mercy of the webhost provider. And moving over is a breeze. Just this morning, I was wondering if I should pay for 10 years! LOL. Not that I can afford it but it sure is nice to dream.


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