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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Show of Love

"Ouch! Ouch!" Clumsy me. I had just kicked my foot against the bathroom wall.

My Girl: Mummy is it painful? Its ok. I'm here to take care of you. I sayang your leg for you.

MG: Never mind. No need to sayang my leg. Leg Dirty.

She comes over to hug me.

MG: *smiles*

My Girl: Mummy. Why just now you sad? Now you happy already? Why I hug hug you? Your leg ok already?

MG: Yes. You hug hug me. I feel better already. No more pain.

My Girl: Mummy, where pain?

MG: There, there on the last two little toes.

She massages the two little toes.

My Girl: I massage for you. You like massage?

MG: Yes. Mummy likes massage. Thank you.

She comes over to kiss me. Mummy melted like butter! (*Glub glub glub*) Lol!


  1. Awwwww...your girl is so sweet and sensitive...she melts my heart too! :)

  2. when she grow up... you can sit home and shake leg liao lor... LOL!

  3. she is a sweetie with the magic touch.

  4. Soo sweet... same like Champion.. he will also come and sayang, rub, rub, massage, and kiss me.. "amma pain ah.." and hug me.

    I also melt just like you.

  5. awwww.. she's sooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!

  6. blurblur,
    Its nice when the kids do these loving, surprising gestures, isn't it?

    Hehe. Good payoff eh? ;)

    When she grow up, got more to worry about leh, she being a girl, kenot shake leg!

    two little fellas,
    She's certainly got the magic touch. Pain all gone!

    *glub glub glub*

    She is mommy's sweet little thing. She likes me to call her "sweetie pie" by the way. :)

  7. So sweet of her, all the love your shower on her is now paying back it dividends!

  8. contented mum,
    Best is when she goes around saying "I love you" or "I love my mummy". Trying to raise chilren who are not shy/afraid to say "I love you", I tell them "I love you" all the time. :) or sometimes I would ask her "Mummy loves you or not?" to which she would reply with a resounding "yes" as she nods her head happily.

  9. Awww! She's so sweet! It's at times like this that you'll really appreciate motherhood.

  10. earthember,
    Yes! Motherhood is sweet at times like this....... to make up for all the times cleaning up her vomit and pee from the bed. Lol!

  11. Aiyo.. I can't wait for Zara to start giving me massage as well..

  12. zara's mama,
    And you'll be needing lots of massages soon... (nvm, get hubby to do first. hehe)

  13. Wah, "LUM SEI" lor...so young already can massage mommy. :P

  14. Belle is giving me massages too, by kicking on my lower back. LOL! Your girl is so sweet!


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