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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Baby Can Count!

Thanks to his sister's love for numbers, I discovered that baby can count! From 1 - 10! (Or more likely, he just memorised the numbers like in a nursery rhyme. Hehe.)

I was feeding my girl one day last week and we were counting the numbers of mouthfuls taken when baby chipped in! And so we went........

MG & Girl: One
Baby: Tooo
MG & Girl: Three
Baby: Fohh
MG & Girl: Five
Baby: Sixx

He can also do "Tee" (3), "Fighh" (5) and "Tenn" (10)!

His language development has grown by leaps and bounds overnight! And he sometimes calls "Marmeee" (mummy) now, which of course is the best music for my ears. Hehe.

Errmm.. did a post about his sister so to be fair to baby, must have a post about him too :P


  1. wha... like tht, then next time I also have to be fair to the girls lor? post one isabelle, post one annabelle.

    but baby clever oh, soon you find he read ABC.

  2. my son tends to skip seven for no reason... LOL!

  3. Isn't it such a joy to discover baby's new words each day? One of the higlights in motherhood.!

  4. The great things of being a full time mum is we get to discover your kids development first hand.

    I think I need to be fair in my blog. Because I blog alot of positive things on my boy and negative things on my girl.

  5. Clever boy. I think second ones sometimes learn faster because they hear how their koh-koh cheh cheh speak, don't you agree?

  6. maria,
    haha. one post for Isabelle, one for Annabelle and one for twinsdad oso lah.

    Seven got two syllables maybe thats why. The rest all one.

    Especially if the new word is "mummy"!

    Its nice to be in tune with the kids but sometimes have a little bit too much of them. ;)

    Actually he was slower to start talking as compared to his sister but once started, since he has a companion, he develops quickly. His sister treats him like a living doll. Yesterday I caught her combing his hair and when she was done, she said to herself "Ok. Handsome boy already." Lol.

  7. Wow! Clever boy!:)

    Soon, he'll be talking and talking non-stop already...hehe..:P

  8. it gets cute when they're learning to talk and their first words are marmeeeeeeee but when they reach 12 and keep calling marmeeeeeeeeee 12 times a day....u would wish u were not marmeeeeeeee hehehe

  9. clever boy!!

    my Xuan used to skip the number two, he always say one, three, four, then five. So his ah gong ah mah (grandparents) go buy toto on this number 1345 but never come out. :P

    now he almost can counts till 20 loh, and always like to point at his toys counting two, three, five!! *clap hands* (hubby said correct wat, 2 + 3 = 5 loh!!) LOL

  10. I think should have gal first after to have boy cause jie jie will pamper brother but kor kor wont do that to mei mei.

    Boy almost late talk, dunno why but when they start will be very fast pick up and soon will in a sentences :)

  11. blurblur,
    Then I'll say "Shhhh Shhhh"

    You mean "boy". Hehe

    Hahahahahah. ROTFL!

    Maybe didn't come out in toto but came out in Magnum 4D leh? Hehe.

    Yah, at first I thought I prefer boy as elder one becos big brother can look after sister mah but you are right. Since a girl more nurturing, they look after the younger ones better. :)

  12. So cute!!!

    Zara will count Seh-veng, Fie, Teng. :P

  13. zara's mama,
    She's smart. Can do the two syllable seh-veng. :)

  14. Emily only knows 1,2,7. I am still waiting for the next number to buy 4D :lol:

  15. Michelle,
    Can buy 3D in the meantime. :P


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