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Monday, April 17, 2006

Almost Two!

For the record, baby who is turning two this Friday, has the following new developmental milestones. Baby can now...

  • hold mini conversations/order me about - "Marmee...book" (Points to the book to ask me to read, because his father who was lazy to read to him asked him to "ask mummy" Hrrmmph) followed by "Marmeee... sit" (Points to the empty space beside him as he settles himself nicely beside his lazy dad who was busy reading his own comic. Hrrmmph).
  • Oh! And I just discovered he's learned another new word. (He just came to me saying "spoil spoil" then showed me his toy car with the tyres coming off a little). He is learning more and more new words by the day and can easily repeat words after us now.
  • hit his sister back. Previously their fights were always one-sided with his sister pushing him, hitting him etc. Well, he has now discovered how to hit back! Hmmm.... kesian me! (thinking of all the fights I have to be referee to)

We're not doing anything special for his birthday. Mr MG is unable to take the day off so we have to wait till he gets back first. Hmm... now, how shall I make his day special? Still have a few more days to think about it. We got him a new T-shirt to wear on the day. As for the present, we got a soft toy dog and a book for him. I also ordered a cake with elmo's face on it. Mr MG says thats very good already cos he never celebrated any birthdays before till he met me. Oh I do hope baby likes his new toy and cake.


  1. hehe... very hard to plan a birthday party for a 2-years-old hor... good luck! I am sure he will be very happy as long as his family is celebrating it with him :)

  2. hehe...happy earlier 2nd birthday to your boy!!

    hmm..probably a day out at kidsports? or visit to the zoo..without Mr. MG.

  3. Held a mini family party, just with a cake and 1-2 desserts, will make them happy too!

  4. egghead,
    So far we haven't had any parties, not even for the full moon, usually its just among ourselves and sometimes we invite kong kong or the kids aunties may come along, so no planning headache.

    takdak transport ler.

    Yes, usually we do that. :)

  5. I'm sure ur boy will be very happy with daddy, mummy and jeh jeh celebrating with him. Usually kids just love to have a cake and with candles on it, singing the Happy Birthday song and blowing off the candles.

  6. Happy Birthday Master MG!!

  7. Yup, kids are happy just seeing the cakes and candels! :) I'm sure your baby will have a very happy birthday this Friday! Enjoy! :)

  8. Ahh, just the cake and a celebration with the family will make them feel great! He will definitely love it. Enjoy guys.

  9. Happy Birthday to your boy! I think all kids like birthday cakes, if he's going to have an Elmo cake, he'll be very happy already, and of coz with daddy, mummy and cheh cheh celebrating together....Have fun on Friday!

  10. a&a'smom6:45 PM, April 17, 2006

    My advance Birthday Greetings & kisses to Baby! I am sure he will have a lovely day with his loving parents & cheh cheh!


    how about blowing up balloons and putting them up on the walls and also some ribbons, uknow like decorate the whole room or something. if the sister and baby helps that would be so fun!

    if u guys have no plans to go out, then buy a cake, cook some noodles and play a happy cd and eat in that decorative room. trust me, we use to do that a lot when they were young. now that they're bigger, they pick the restaurant...cheh!

  12. Hi Y'all,
    Thanks very much for your early birthday wishes and suggestions. I will be putting up balloons and decorations as I always do for each of our birthdays that we celebrate together just the four of us. I don't feel very much like blogging today. Reason, see my next post. Please do pray for Liza @ Siao Cha Bor and her family even if you don't know her. Thank you.

  13. Happy Birthday Baby. Bb had an elmo cake for his 2nd Birthday too. :) I am sure baby will like it.

  14. so fast 2 yrs old liao, must be very happy wan. No need to hv any party lah, just celebrate with daddy + mummy + sister will do liao lah, and new shirts + new toy... more than enuf loh :D

  15. Happy Birthday to Baby!!

    Ouch! I am too late, now already pass 12am!! arghhh...


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