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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cranial Detoxification Anyone?

Yesterday someone slipped a brochure for various spa treatments under my door. So naturally I took a peek before throwing it in the bin. I looked at the colourful pictures of the various massages being offered at ridiculously high prices.

Then I almost choked in my own laughter when I saw a picture of a person lying down with his ears being dugged by another. "Cranial Detoxification" it said beneath the picture. Ewww! Who on earth would want to pay to have their ears dugged? Siao!

Even the ENTs do not recommend that you dig your ears with Q-tips as it can push dirt further into your ear canal or even cause injury. In that picture, the person was holding a rather long looking thingy to dig out the ears of the person having the so called "Cranial Detoxification". Hmm.. what will people think of next?


  1. I want!!!
    before my son came along... my wife do my "Cranial Detoxification"... now is my turn to do for my son pulak :(

  2. I've seen people use a tube to insert into the ear and then light a candle at the top of it. It claims to "suck" up the wax from the ear.

  3. just the thought of it send shivers down my spine.... *shudders*

  4. may be this is suitable for those people who "hear but not listen" LOL....

  5. oooh, this means that my daughter can open a 'cranial detoxification' salon at our house cos she loves digging her brother's ears hehehehe.

    *mg, no uwek uwek anymore...so can bloghop!*

  6. egghead,
    Lol! LLS has personal Cranial Detoxification service.


    They're not afraid their ears will get burned??!!

    Its mad I tell you!


    Ask your daughter how much she should charge. ;) BTW, thats great. No more uwek nwek, I mean.

  7. I am not sure if your are talking about this method
    Indian Hopi Earcandles

    Me and hubby went once in Carrefoure, Sri Petaling, they were having promotion. It's very Therapeutic although the sight of all diaplayed ear wax was gross.

    Now, we bought our supply from the link above and we will help each other to Cranial Detox. Hehe...! It's belief to cure sinus. It's better than sticking cotton bud in ears.

  8. allyfeel,
    They actually displayed the ear wax????!! EWWWWW!


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