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Monday, April 17, 2006

New Bedtime Battles

Baby has a new habit at bedtime. Previously I slept in the middle in between the kids but the whole of last week baby insists on sleeping in the middle beside his sister. Sometimes he likes to lie there happily till he falls asleep. Sometimes he disturbs his sister by playing with her face.

When I try to put him back on his side of the bed, he bawls. When I put him in the middle, his sister pushes him and then she starts crying. Haiyah! So susah! Nighttime also want to fight, those two!

So lets see, I put him on my left, he cries. I put him on my right, she cries. I move over to the other side so they are both on my left, this makes him get up and walk about! Aiyoh!

At this point of writing, I still have not resolved this new bedtime battle. How ah?


  1. lay down a map, draw out the grid, might help you to find the perfect position gua LOL... wish you luck.

  2. Alamak..headache leh..can't offer any help here leh..but wish you all the best! ;p

  3. Hehe, night time also fight. Same here , no solution, now baby also like to crawl to his sister's bed and kacau the sister, till she cries...don't know what to do.

  4. luckily we have only one kid (for now)... cannot imagine a war going on during bed time :P

    p/s: get them to sleep on their own beds if the battle continues

  5. aiyo..poor mommy, night time also gotta settle bed fights. hmm..don't hae any suggestion, maybe one sleep on left side floor, one on right side floor :P

  6. That's why I let Lyon sleep first, if 2 in the room, sure they play non stop wan! But i noticed after some time, they will use to it and will fall asleep eventually!
    So u got to hang in there lor!

  7. maria,
    My Girl will probably like the idea of a map but am afraid the boy will just trample all over the boundaries as he won't understand it. Haha.

    Thank you. I will need the best.... patience, that is, everynight.

    When he was younger, she kacau him, now revenge time loh.

    egghead, jazzmint,
    Good idea! Kick them off the bed! Hehe.

    Yah. Like everything else. Once they have settled into the new routine, they will get used to it eventually.

  8. Put bolster in between them lah. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.. depending on their mood ;)

    I experience this too.. but they don't end up sleeping.. so have to separate them in different sides :)

  9. a&a'smom6:48 PM, April 17, 2006

    Thank God my boys r all in their own rooms now (my 6 yrs old started sleeping in his own room last Aug). gOOD lUCK TO YOU

  10. geetha,
    Thanks, I should try the bolster but I suspect baby will climb over it.

    6 years. *calculate calculate*. A few more years to go then. ;)

  11. Hehe...bb likes to sleep on my place now. I just press myself on top of his body and make him motionless. He enjoyed it very much and later gave in to me. Fun! hehe.

    In your case, may be mean a bit, tell them, if they fight again, both sleep on the floor. Only mommy and daddy sleep on the bed. Scare them a bit, not sure if it works....hehe! :)

  12. dunno i will hv this betime battle when I hv 2nd bb, cos my Xuan sleep on his own bed wor. sorry can't help u leh... hehehe...

  13. allyfeel,
    You press him motionless? Hahaha. Cute.

    Last night they didn't fight. They both slept beside me and beside each other so no need to fight for the coveted space beside mummy. How? I sleep vertically on the bed and the two slept horizontally with their heads next to me. Hahaha.


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